Past it's sell-by date ?

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Well I now have one less old pyrex dish - dropped it on my stone kitchen floor whilst washing up this evening, for such a small dish it made a lot of mess to clear up :shock: Shame really as I used it almost daily and had it for about 15 years :( Now need to go out and find another one - aarghhh
I have a doll which was bought for me when I was born, 71 years ago. She is made of some kind of rubber material and has the date 1945 on her back. I recently bought her a lovely dress and bonnet and she sit son my cheat of drawers in my bedroom. The family think she looks scary so I have told them all that she goes in the box with me when I go, much to their relief!
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:22 am
Including myself , virtually everything.
I was going to say that about you :shock: :D

Too much to name as I am a hoarder and keeper, in that keep things belonging to various loved ones that have died.

Saying that, I have started these last few months being ruthless and sorting stuff out, most gone to charity shops. Reason being is most of the things I have kept are of no interest to either of my 2 girls. So I am trying to save them a job of sorting stuff themselves for when something happens to me. Sounds morbid when I type it out ;) :)

My mum never threw anything away, so it took a year of hard work to empty her place. I am absolutely determined not to do the same to my sons. My grandmother had a cottage with everything she needed in it, but nothing else. I wan't to be like that....but there is till some way to go! If I give something to a charity shop, I say to myself "it's going to do some good in the world" and that makes it easier to part with. Possessions are not the same as the person you have lost. They live on forever in your heart.
Chris From The Gulag wrote: ↑
23 Aug 2017 11:22
Including myself , virtually everything.

I was going to say that about you :shock: :D

Back to WTBCI ... your Days of Hope ended in 1936 ?

And yet , the smell of sweaty feet still lingers ?

..... as does the fashion sense up there ?