Past it's sell-by date ?

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Just finished my ironing and whilst doing it realised that two of the t-shirts are now over 20 years old :shock: Still washing up like new although I only use them for the gym now. But it got me to thinking about what other clothes/things I have around that should be well past their sell by date but are still going strong !

For starters I have a brown stoneware casserole dish that belonged to an Aunt, which she gave me when I left home about 40 years ago. I still find it cooks the best casserole ever !

I've also got a full length wall mirror given to me by another Aunt at about the same time - although I'd like to replace it for a more 'modern' mirror I've never been able to find another that gives such a 'true' reflection.

Then there's Mum's sewing box (on legs) which dates back to the 1960's and is still in use today.

So what have you still got/using that is 'almost' an antique !
Including myself , virtually everything.
I have a stainless steel casserole dish that I've had for over 40yrs. It proper stainless steel. Shines up like new. Used for everything from chops to fish. Sadly not now, because I don't bother. Almost favoured over my le creuset, as that's heavy. DD commented, ' blimey mom you still have this!' She admits I take care of my things. I too have a mirror in the dining room. Want to change it now. Want, not need I add. Bedroom furniture in spare room now that hubby surprised me with. Returned home from having 2nd daughter to it. Better to me than any jewellery.
I was always taught to look after things, so have masses of stuff. The four pine dining chairs mum bought at a Guide jumble sale in 1972 for our first house are in daily use, having been revarnished a couple of times. When we went to work in Australia for an iron ore mining company, we had a company furnished flat, which had very basic cutlery and crockery. As we started entertaining, we bought our own. The cheap stainless cutlery bought from a company like Woolworths is still in regular use, so is some of the crockery, and my veg knife is still the same, but getting thinner now as it's been sharpened so many times.

Our steam engines were built in 1909 and 1921. Our oldest Land Rovers was built in 1952. The next oldest we bought for my husband's daily use in 1976. It's still in daily use, my son takes it to work daily, but there's not much of the original left. It looks dreadfully scruffy as we haven't got the heart to repaint it. It's now on it's third engine, now has a 300tdi (for the male readers) transplanted from a Range Rover, so something like a Wolf in Sheep's clothing, together with an upgraded gearbox arrangement it goes like the proverbial bat out of hell. My sewing machine was bought in 1973, mended and serviced twice, still in daily use.

I still have the curling tongs I bought in 1973. I think it's a shame that many youngsters think they have to have everything new when they get married, and continually upgrade everything. My place is a proper home, not a show place, with lots of happy memories and bargain finds.
I have 2 everyday glass serving dishes that were my Mum's. She died in 1975. I also have and use her carving knife. It's never needed sharpening.
I also keep sewing cottons in an old Xmas chocolate box that dates from the 60s. I dread the day it falls apart
I have my Granny's bedside cabinet, looks rather like this ... 774PhonY5M: but more ivory in colour, an old and well used nest of tables, various old crocks from my grandparent's and friends grandparent's kitchens and my Granny's old tin of buttons. I too tend to only replace things when they break and nobody wants to mend them.


I also have a beautiful old copy illustrated copy of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens which my Grandfather gave Granny as a present in 1920. I loved it as a child and used to sit in granny's rocking chair with it resting on my knees and admire the pictures which are stuck in by hand.
Looks lovely Melly
Did you notice the oil painting on my living room wall. My 2 daughter's when little. That's over 40years old too. Hubby paid £17 for it, which was alot, especially to us, at the time. Wouldn't be worth much in the art world, but priceless to me.
Have my mother's compact, still has some powder in!
bowlingbun wrote:
Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:30 am
I think it's a shame that many youngsters think they have to have everything new when they get married, and continually upgrade everything. My place is a proper home, not a show place, with lots of happy memories and bargain finds.
so true BB - when I was first starting out with my own home, very little in it was 'new' - nearly everything was second hand ! Although colour TV was just coming in I had a small black 'n white model; no hi-fi, just a radio and a cassette player. My cooker was the one left behind by the previous tenants, as was the 'fridge. In the beginning I didn't have a washing machine just used the local launderette and when I finally got my own machine it was a twin-tub bought from an ad in the newsagents window. I think I furnished the flat completely on less than £1500.

Even now a lot of the furniture bought for this flat has come from my local British Heart Foundation furniture shop :) The Queen of up-cycling that's me :lol: :lol: :lol:
I forgot my Granny Thomas's bureau. It was given to her as a 21st birthday present. I'm 65, she was in her thirties when she had dad, he's been dead about 15 years, and he was 80, so someone else can do the maths, but let's just call it antique. I was very fond of Gran, she was 7stone, I'm more than double that, but mentally the older I get the more I feel like her. We both loved the countryside, I spent every summer holiday in Devon with her, we were both keen on craft work too, in fact I think she taught me how to use a sewing machine, her hand Singer, that I've only recently given to Tools for Self Reliance to go to Africa. It weighed a ton, goodness knows how my little gran had the strength to lift it!
The bureau went to my mum's after gran died, it was the only piece of furniture I kept from mum's place. I know exactly what used to go where in each drawer and pigeon hole. In all honesty I don't need a bureau, it takes up a lot of room in my cottage, but it has so many happy memories of those childhood summers when I didn't have a care in the world.
An old wheelbarrow that that was ancient when I was born and still going strong, a glass pyrex dish that mum bought in the 70s is still regular use and today I dug out 2 ancient glass kilner jars when I made some plum jam. I remember them in an old suitcase under my parents bed when I was little- there are only 2 of the old ones left now.
Lots of furniture is fairly ancient and was my parents- bedroom furniture , dining room furniture, hall table- nothing antique just old and clapped out!
There is a carving fork and an odd knife and a fork and a spoon or two all from childhood that still get used for mostly dog food.
(she doesn't eat with a knife and fork LOL)
Funny how most of the "Stuff" gets turned around over the years- that's all I can come up with still in regular use.