Other than the Short Story competition, do any of us write to amuse and distract ourselves?

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Mary_16121 wrote:
charm_1965 wrote:Hey, Mary, we need to team up :lol:
https://50shadesofcaregiver.wordpress.c ... k-groupie/
I enjoyed reading that!! :) and I would like to get onto wordpress, how does one do it????
time for a coffee methinks....
Thanks, Mary I love your writings too and would love to see you on WordPress. Just go to the site and register it's free. Xx
I have written since I was in primary school, mostly fiction, sometimes based around historic events sometimes it's just random. The only thing I have written recently is greeting card inserts, Christmas, Birthday, Thank you etc. I often run random fiction ideas through my head but time in which to write just isn't there these days. That said I do blog, sometimes basic design team stuff sometimes it's more personal, just depends on the time and what I feel like writing.
Where do you blog Sal?
Here are a few bits........

Grandfathers are mysterious things. I had a Catholic Patriarch, and a Protestant un Patriarch. One was the father of 10, the other was the father of 1!
Both were called 'Jim', both lost the loves of their lives early. Neither ever got over the loss. Both remarried for the sake of their offspring.
The un Patriarch was very unhappy in his marriage to an awful woman, as was his daughter, my mother - but he soldiered on, because that was what you did.
The Patriarch, was quite content, and loved his second wife. Sadly, she cycled to church one day, and was knocked off her bike by the local butcher who was rushing off on holiday - when told of her death, Patriarch Jim, was bereft, but he did tell one of his dozens of grandchildren, that whilst he loved his second wife, and respected her for bringing up all of his children, she was not worthy to fasten the bootlaces of his first wife. Strange thing, love, wherever you find it.
I attend a local creative writing group once a month and really enjoy it
I write short stories, humerous verse and limericks mostly for my family but since joining U3A they have printed some in their news letter. We have a topic and read our work out at monthly writing club meetings, keeping me sane !,