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Other than the Short Story competition, do any of us write to amuse and distract ourselves? - Carers UK Forum

Other than the Short Story competition, do any of us write to amuse and distract ourselves?

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Besides me, that is
Here's a writing in less than 100 words.....

....and my small self.... smells of sulphur and chimneys and people with scarves tied across faces to keep out the thick and viscous smog of industry. Men with blackened sweaty faces trudging their way from the dark underground caverns where they toiled to extract the fossil fuel for industry.....gone now... and, Grandad in the countryside, with his chickens, and hot cross buns gone wrong, mangled and taken by train and bus and foot to Cheshire to feed said chickens on Easter Day, childhood contrasts...
I do. I write silly poetry. I found it worked well so I introduced it to the clients I work with as a distraction technique. My husband every so often sets me a challenge. ..gives me a topic and 5 minutes to come up with a poem. A recent topic of his choice was chewbaca from star wars :)
And what was the result Poppy?
I've often thought of writing once my caring days are over but not sure there is any money to be had in publishing. I've got an old school log book from 1852 to 1908 which is facinating, but someone has got there first as I found a 1980s pamphlet on line which obviously used this log book as its main source of reference.
I've also thought of writing up my care story, but not sure on what angle to take, the trials and tribulations, advice useful to others or some elements of humour. Would anyone really want to read anything like that ? and again it's been flogged to death.
Someone else showed me a book written on dogs so perhaps dog stories, even childrens books?
Another option is family history but again a very limited field of interest and countless books already out there on the subject.
Poetry seems to be the in thing but I don't feel my Grammar skills are probably up to that.
I wrote a short story about 5 years ago for a competition but didn't win. However, I did enjoy it.

I read a report a few months ago that said to keep your brain active you should learn a poem by heart. I picked Sea Fever by John Masefield because I liked it and it wasn't too long! :lol:

Its taken about two months on and off but I can now recite it perfectly. I have been going through a very stressful time with my elderly Mum in care and having to arrange the sale of her house and now clearing it and it really did give me something to focus on learning the poem.
That's impressive- sometime when my head is churning I worry about remembering my 4 digit PIN number :lol:
5 minutes chewbaca poem challenge on my lunch break:

Chewbaca is big
Chewbaca is hairy
He's just a big softy
Although he looks scary.
He's friends with Han Solo
And Obe Wan too
Who else does he know?
I'll give you a clue.
He's green
With big ears
And speaks back to front
Advice he will give
Whether or not you do want.
Chewbaca has peculiar friends
In a galaxy far far away
And now this poem has come to an end
And I must get on with my working day.

And 5 minute challenge for Witches:

Witches are ugly
With lots of warts
If you make them laugh
You'll hear them snort.
Reciting wicked chants
Round the cauldron they huddle
Performing a demonic prance
They incite toil and trouble.
They eat children for breakfast
And toads for lunch
At twilight, spells they cast
While over the cauldron they hunch.
At night, on Halloween
They brim with joy
As they mix newts' eyes with spleen
And unleash their mischievous ploys.
Oh I love the witches one!

I have two witches flying across my conservatory, and a cauldron as a planter, and I must not forget my broomstick in the corner.... I kid you not!

Lovely to hear about everyone wanting to write - it is so creative and costs nothing only a little time....

We could start a Writer's Corner on here, just to take our minds off things.....

Who is going to be first ????
Yes witches poem is fab