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Opinion required please

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Hi anyone that has read my posts will know I live in a rented house which we moved into in January this year. The house had previously been broken into and has a boarded up front door and a temporary softwood side door which was fitted the day we moved in. We were led to believe both doors would be addressed in two months. This has been ongoing with us being told last week they would look at the situation in Jan next year. I explained my partner is disabled and we couldn't continue to live there if the doors remained the way they are as it is so drafty and cold. The house is also open plan which doesn't help. We offered to fit one door if they fitted the other but today the estate agent called and said the landlord wanted us to pay half for the front dooor to get it done now but nothing about the side door. What I want to know is what are your thoughts on this as we really don't want to move again but feel this is a bit of a cheek as one door wont solve the problem.
Your local council should have a "Rent Officer" or similar. The place is clearly not fit for habitation as it is. Let them sort it out for you, they will have more clout than you!
I second what BB says - even as private tenants they can help you sort it out. There is no way you should be having to pay towards something integral to the house that was broken when you moved in!
I totally agree with you both but have been in this situation before with the last tenancy we had I use to get shocks from the electric so we insisted it got fixed which it did but it was followed up with a eviction order hence the reason we had to move. I have been in contact with the council though and they need a date for the work to be done ie in two months and then they step in when its not, which is fine but then we run the risk of being evicted yet again and it is hard to find affordable accomodation when you are on benefits and have pets as it is. The other problem is we have only been in this area a matter of months so the council wouldn't prioritise us for council accomodation so we seem to be in catch twenty two yet again.
Hi Rosie
I am wondering if your council could offer any energy saving grants towards strips , insulated letter boxes etc around the door or something similar to help hold the heat in. I know it doesn't solve the real problem but could you hang a warm curtain up in front of the door to keep the heat in until things get resolved?
I would be worried that you will set a precedent if you pay out any money now for repairs that you are not liable for. As long as you are model tenants in every other sense, you could fight any attempt to evict you under the illegal evictions laws:

http://england.shelter.org.uk/get_advic ... y_landlord
Thanks Steph for that will have a read up in a moment it just seems so unfair we have put up with no real security for nine months now and if it wasn't for our German Shepherd I would never feel safe leaving the house unattended. I have even told the estate agent this but they keep saying the landlord has no money at the moment which I now feel we are getting taken for granted. I know his previous two tenants left the house a mess (we do have other issues with the house but doors are a priority) and didn't pay their rent so maybe we are getting tarred with the same brush so to speak as we are on benefit. Those benefit house programs do the likes of us no favours what so ever.
Definitely speak to Shelter, as Stephanie suggested, they should be able to advise you properly.

Also, depending on the state/function of the door, it may be an issue you can also report to the health and safety executive like you would a faulty heating system, but again speak to Shelter first. You have a right to accommodation that doesnt risk your health and safety, and a right to expect your landlord to provide this without fearing your tenancy.
Just found this Rosie - hooray for new laws!!!!

Nice one Stephanie. Well worth remembering for anyone in rented property (including my own son).