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Article in the Daily Mail - Carers UK Forum

Article in the Daily Mail

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I have just read this article (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -year.html) in today's Daily Heil online and to say I am shocked and appalled at some of the readers comments would be an understatement. What dreadful attitudes some of these people have to disabled children. Is that to be the DM's next target for vilification now that they've done 'scroungers', single parents, disabled adults and the unemployed? Image
Yep its a shocking right wing conservative paper, some of them just don't come down off there ivory towns.
What else can you expect when this paper is edited,produced and read by the low life and scum of this country who have nothing better to do than to trod on the unfortunate, as is the conservative party who relish bashing the underdogs and stepping on the poor.
This paper is not even fit to be hung in the privy for when the regular one runs out.
My parents get the Daily Mail, or Daily Hate as it's often nick-named. By their usual standards this article was reasonably balanced, and let all sides comment. But that's how the Daily Hate usually starts; Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey! If they really have got disabled children in mind as an attack subject, that'll change fairly soon. After all, over £300,000 a year to educate one child does seem excessive, and it's not unreasonable to question that sum.
However, if the DM sticks to it's usual tactic, it'll next start implying that this is the norm, AKA £100,000 per year Housing Benefit bill for luxury house. The DM never let on that these examples they kept publicizing amounted to 12 in the entire country! They were for large homeless families, and it would've cost twice as much to put them in b & bs. See how they twist things.
As for Candy, in the comments section under article, she's in the minority, and was well and truly told off in next comment. But it just goes to show what kind of people are out there.
candy, Halifax uk, 1 day ago

They really don't need school , they won't be in the normal working force so what's the point ?
Yes and the reason that they won't be in the normal working force is due to the blatant discrimination that exists there. Rob has a 2:1 Honours degree and yet no one would give him a chance. Well one did and then changed his mind 3 days later and withdrew the job offer giving it instead to one of Rob's able bodied classmates who didn't even have as good a degree as Rob did. Image
Hi Eun,
I only managed a 2:2; with no disabilities whatsoever to contend with.
Your son did computer stuff; that's heavy stuff! Mine was only an arts degree, so doesn't count. All power to him, but fat load of good it did him when it came to the final crunch.

I'm new to caring, and the problems of OPA (Other Peoples Attitudes), but I'm learning fast.
I'm learning that they often get in the way more than a specific condition does!!!??

Once, many moons ago, I remember my Niece and Nephew complaining about OPA when they took their foster brother, in a wheel chair, on the train, for the first time. He had quite bad cerebral palsy, and the reactions of the other passengers shocked them. The staff at the stations were great; it was the other passengers who turned this simple trip into a nightmare.
I'm no christian (I'm a seriously lapsed, supposed bought-up catholic), but a little bit more, "But for the grace of god, there go I" wouldn't go amiss.
Reminds me of what my mum used to say, "Every one a Christian, and not an once of Christianity amongst them!"
My fave word now is 'pusillanimous.' It means 'Flea spirited.'

Describes the likes of your son's potential employer and 'Candy' from Halifax (wouldn't be at all surprised if 'Candy' turned out to be a Daily Hate journalist feeling the waters.)

I'd better stop ranting and raving now... don't want the DM down my neck!!! I really, REALLY, hate that newspaper. But, to be fair, they have come up with a few good campaigns... occasionally. But then they always twist 'em!

P.S. I've signed your petition, and am hassling the rest of my family to do so. I'm sure they'll respond.

Massive good luck to you, and your son's, campaign. xxxx
Candy lives in the next town to me, I would love to find out who she is so I can slap her!
I was going to post a reply to Candy, but the moderators have closed this thread now.
Here's some replies to this article I copied.

tina gee, london, 1 day ago

sorry but this is going to sound bad but some of these children are never going to be active members of society i have no clue what to do with them but if their parents want to keep them then so be it let them but don't expect other to care and help them the same is said about single mothers and people on benefits with children they cannot afford

MidlandMum, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

So Daily Mail are disabled children your next "targets". You have moved on from benefit scroungers, those unable to work and lo and behold you now attack the most vulnerable group of all. Comparing the cost of educating one disabled child is like comparing the cost of treating an ingrown toenail with a heart transplant. Councils do not spend this money lightly and in fact many of these children are only entitled to the education which meets their needs because their parents have had the fortitude to go through the tribunal process. Even when they win they can't recoup their costs. Other children are profoundly disabled and are "in care" still a drop in the ocean compared with bankers and fiddling MPs!!!

misshighandmighty, Top Of The Mountain, 1 day ago

here we go.. I was waiting for this. I'm surprised its taken so long.. Let's start on the disabled kids now! !

Sean, Very North, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

money well spent, for a change
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John11, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

The bill doesn't surprise me. These are severely disabled children who require special transport, in-school facilities such as harnesses and other equipment. It costs a lot of money to run an entire building dedicated to their needs and the teachers are also specially trained. This is almost a non-story - The councils need to ensure they are paying a fair price, which may fluctuate depending on many factors.
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judy25, sheffield, 1 day ago

sorry, its a waste of money.
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Tim Ball, Buxton, 1 day ago

Yesterday you were castigating Labour for axing the assisted places scheme that covered fees for underpriveleged children to attend public schools. If spending money in special education is a good thing, why make FOI enquiries regarding education spending on special needs children and then criticise it? Just what, exactly, is your agenda here, DM?
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The Alien, Andromeda, 1 day ago

But I thought you always preferred the private sector over the despised public sector DM?

If the DM is thinking about starting up a hate campaign against severly disabled kids, I think they might be biting off more than they can chew. Way to go, MidlandMum!
Thank you very much Sajehar for signing Rob's petition and thanks to everybody else who has too. Robert is hoping to present before a committee at the Scottish Parliament before Christmas and Jackie Baillie (Labour) and Jim someone or other - can't remember the surname (SNP) are on young Robert's side so we can only keep fingers and everything else crossed. They are at least willing to put party affiliations aside to try and help.

I am a bit worried about Robert (and his friends) health though. The vast majority of the work is being left to my son and his friends Mark and Paul are helping but none of the other DMD boys seem to be getting the finger out - it all seems to left to the same ones. Still in my experience that is what tends to happen with these things isn't it?

Fraid so, Eun.
When I helped set up an artists organization in the mid 90's, the lions share of work fell to me and another artist. It all fell apart after about a year coz trying to organize artists is worse than herding cats!
Likewise with fighting my Housing Association. 3 yrs ago they tried to put up our service charges from an already extortionate £12.70 per week to an eye-watering £18.22
I wasn't having that, so me and a fellow tenant set up a resident's association. The meetings became less and less well attended, until we didn't even have enough for a quorum. Me and fellow tenant said, "**** 'em, let's take the HA to the Land Valuation Tribunal on our own."
We did, we won, and our service charges are now a fair and affordable £7.36 per week, and not the £20+ they would've been by now if me and X hadn't worked our arses off to the bone getting proof, etc.
Plus, get this, the LVT ruled we had been overcharged for years, and the HA had to pay back over £100,000 to the tenants. That worked out at £736 per tenant for those who had been there since 2005; a proportion thereof for others.
There's still some money left from this pot from ex-tenant's who can't be traced. As I'm still formally secretary to our pathetically passive resident's association, I just might ignore them and suggest to the Head of Finances (he wants it to go to charity) that he gives it to Carers UK.

So let Robert know that even amongst able bodied 'fighters' it always falls to a few determined 'nutters' to see things through to the bitter end. But if he succeeds he will know a sense of achievement unlike no other.
I can still remember vividly reading the LVT letter and their findings in our favour. I was shocked, gobsmacked and high as a kite; all at the same time!!??XX##
All those hours, and hours, and hours pouring over past S/C statements, propping my eyes open with matchsticks (not really, but you get the general picture) armed with nothing more than a 79p calculator, were worth it!!!!
Even if we'd failed, I knew that I'd given it my all... that too is worth it's weight in gold.

And so too should Robert realise this. What he has achieved so far is amazing. As his dad you must be SOOooo proud of him. Mind you, it just goes to show that the disabled are as willing as the abled to leave the hard work to 'nutters.'

And that's the way of the world. Probably always has been, probably always will be.
Don't let the nay sayers, or avoiders get him down! Image