Olympic flame - who should light it

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Discussions on TV this morning about who should light the flame at the opening ceremony. Daley Thompson, Steve Redgrave or the young lad that just won the cycling, Bradley Wiggins.

Who would you pick, or do you have another suggestion and why? You can chose anyone you like, even a fun one.
Dame Kelly Holmes,because nobody seems to have considered a woman yet,and she is lovely.She is always polite when she is interviewed(as far as I know),and she seems considerate of people.
She has already covered a leg of the torch route. She was on TV last week re past Olympic great moments. She came across really well
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Dame Mary Peters - trained on a shoe string at the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland, suffered death threats, not expected to win, came home with the gold medal and for a time brought two warring communities together. Despite offers from the USA and Australia she stayed in Northern Ireland and has worked tirelessly for sport and the local community - can't think of anyone more deserving. Image
Sigourney Weaver....i`ve carried a torch for her for years!!! Image Image Image
Matt - Carers UK

he's the biggest 'sport' I know - he has to be with all the ribbing he takes from us with relentless good humour Image Image Image

or failing him I'd like to see one of the Paralympians given the honour.
David Cameron. He's full of hot air to help power the torch. Image
Should have held a raffle for interested residents of, say 5 miles radius of the Olympic Village. An 'ordinary' person with no fame to their name, who has to put up with all the building work/aggro/inconvenience of the proceedings. A resident of the area.