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Oh, the joys of CAB....not - Carers UK Forum

Oh, the joys of CAB....not

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I contacted my local CAB about my E.ON Complaint that I've struggled finding help with. I had an appointment to go over, the guy tried talking me into having a Smart Meter which I said I didn't want, they asked why; like it's a crime somehow. They said the company I was considering changing to no longer exist with so many energy firms quitting.

I've tried asking for help about my Mum's situation, which I've struggled finding help with for such a long time; everybody I've contacted seems to think/refer me to the CAB. The CAB legal aid person who phoned me insisted I scan/email Power of Attorneys and Mental Capacity Assessment to them before they would even discuss anything with me. When I did, they were very rude insisting I speak to the legal aid team to see whether my Mum may be eligible for legal aid; I tried to say they should have said that before I sent them confidential/private documents through. They didn't seem bothered in that.

I emailed a Complaint and stated the best times to phone me due to caring for my very ill Mother. Someone is due to phone me, as there have been occasions where I have either missed calls; or ended up getting so stressed due to how their staff have spoken to me making out they cannot help. On what planet is it right they advise to basically do away with my principles when in comes to getting a cheaper tariff? Online research shows its a global effort to get everyone into having a Smart Meter - not right, when personal choice has been cancelled by corporations....Human Rights don't seem to matter anymore. Nevermind the organizations I'm needing help with discriminating me coz I'm not professionals or perfect enough to deal with everything all on my own like I can somehow magic a rabbit out of hat, but CAB's website states;

"We give people the knowledge and confidence they need to find their way forward - whoever they are, and whatever their problems."....instead lead you up the garden path and then demonstrate the couldn't care less attitude I've been subjected by those I've sought help all along.
To be honest, we have a smart meter. It's in the kitchen in a drawer. They are useless. We keep a close eye on the energy we use and the meter only showed that no matter how you try, the only way to control your fuel use is to turn the heating off and eat raw food.

Otherwise forget it.

CAB's are like any other organisation...only as good as their management. If the manager is rubbish, the staff will take liberties and make assumptions. But they get better results (and actually they get more out of the job) if they take their time and treat people with respect. That means clear explanations: I need this information, because... This is what I will do with the information... I will only share it with people you want me to... what do you want to achieve?... is there a reason?... It helps to know why because...

It doesn't take much, but what you end up doing is gaining trust. Because you show you know what you're doing and you're being honest about it all. It is such a shame that so few organisations get their staff to work that way. No wonder we carers get so stressed.
I have a smart meter. I only chose to have one because reading the meters was awkward. I can read them but they are in an awkward place. Grandson used to come and read them for me. I try to be as independent as possible. The monitor stopped working and the company so far haven't done anything. Not that it matters as they have the readings and I know what uses the most. I know not to fill the kettle up for one cuppa etc. I agree the monitor is useless. For me anyway as it didn't last.
I also agree, we should have choice!