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nowt funnier than folk

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this could be a long one , so i am sorry in advance.
and yes it is a moan etc lol...

I logged into FB and i start getting questioned by what i thought was a mate.
it was like i was under interrogation.

asked by him am i not working again today ... when do you go to work ? . or do you never work and just take money from everyone.
what do you want to do when you grow up .. and hes younger than me.

do you have qualifications , or did you not go to school either.

you say you are a carer , what money do you get . how much do you get. what do you do with that money how do you spend that money.

i tried explaining its not as easy for everyone as it clearly is for him . as he works for the police in the day . sells T shirts in the evening . and helps a satellite space program design stuff for deep space scanning , picture taking etc.

and he is under the impression there is no luck in anyones life , you have to work at getting qualifications otherwise your a failure and believes you get qualifications and will automatically get a job , any job.
i tried explaining my situation in that i struggled in school and got very little if any help , and the easiest way to deal with me was kick me to the back of the classes so i did not slow the rest of the class down . and then taken ill during prelims bad enough for the exam board to decide i was not allowed to sit any main exams . and the teachers appealing but it was refused and instead they marked me on the normal course work. so i only left school with standard grades .

and i focused on my passion which is art.

anyway cut a long and boring story short.

he seems to think if i got grade A maths and English i could get a job in 2 seconds flat.
he did not believe me when i told him my brother in law who was paid off nearly 2 years ago cant get a job in the same field he worked in if he was as good as i say he was.
my brother in law worked with computers and software design . and secured million pound deals for the company. yet every job hes went for have turned him down.
and the company he used to work for employed people purely on luck , as they made piles of CV's application forms and then did "" it dit dog *hit "" until they were down to 2 piles . and would simply bin the rest and not reply back to them.

this guy i was talking to laughed and said no company does that.
i have friends who took law and now have degrees and work as lawyers , judges , solicitors all in Scotland.
yeah good for them . i am not interested in any of that nor am i intelligent to understand any of it either . but no i was in the wrong ( again ) and he told me its not about what you want . you have to learn things you dont so you get a job .

i want to work with animals / fisheries . and spoke to local fisheries and they tell me NO you must get a degree in fishery management. and i spoke to colleges and they say never heard of such a thing . and the guy i was talking to laughed and said HAHAHAHA they dont want you as simple as that HAHAHAHAHAHA.
James ,
Don't talk to him again , tell him to do one, then Block Him on F/B have nothing
more to do with him, hes no mate. Image
James, I agree with Minnie - block him.
hes actually got me so worked up i have a sore head and short fuse.

and my computer desk decided to snap at the welds on the legs ... making everything land on my lap. thank god i did not have my usual cup of tea ( no milk , i have it boiling hot ) ......

glad i bought a new desk last night on Amazon lol. sadly it wont show up until next week . so i have my desk propped up with my subwoofer lol.

on the plus side the council finally got back to mum after she filled in the housing benefit forms . and it all came back with happy , good news . so much so mum is smiling and admitted her self ,,,today is the first real day she has had her life back
Best thing to do is ignore what he has said and block him, people like that you can do without.
James, the guy on FB may one day discover that life isn't always fair. Block him immediately. So pleased mum has got her HB sorted out, I know she's been worried about her benefits for a while, so that is some really good news. Happy mum should make for happier son too.
aye hes done and dusted ( blocked ) .

well mum is happier , just moaning about the lack of sun pmsl.
and i am happier as my new desk arrived this morning , not bad considering i was told in 2 emails it would arrive next Wednesday lol.

so in the middle of building it , and ive to get an other delivery within the hour or 2.
James - theres a huge number of trolls on FB Image Blocking him was the best solution - I wouldnt have even replied to him, but thats me Image
So glad that your mum has got her benefits sorted and your new desk has arrived - it must reduce the stress a lot Image
that course is in England . i am in Scotland with very poor means of transport.
and no college within easy reach run such courses.

but either way i cant afford courses , and i am not entitled to any further assistance from the magical UK government.
as according to them i got all i am entitled to , when i studied art.