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not so good

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Got a bit of not so good news from my Father in law's neighbour earlier today. She went into check on him and found him lying on the floor - he had been lying there for about an hour. Turns out he has broken his elbow and the hospital in Dundee are keeping him in until SW can get support sorted for him. This is when you really feel the distance between us- he is so far away.

So sorry Hun
Sorry to hear this Eun, you've already got too much on your plate. Thank goodness the neighbour found him though (perhaps a Lifeline in future?)
Bowlingbun he has one but didn't have it on and couldn't reach the pull cord to alert Beald Housing to the fact that he was in trouble nor could he reach the phone. He really, really does not want to go into a home (even the thought horrifies him) but I really question how long he can continue to live alone. This is his second fall since my mother in law passed away last year. He has Parkinsons disease and uses a Rollator to get around in the house - he's never out of the house these days. Hubby will go up once he gets released from hospital - Dundee is roughly a 6 hour round trip so not possible to visit him there with young Robert's needs etc.

Perhaps this is the time someone in authority had a serious talk with him, about wearing his lifeline, and perhaps getting an electronic gadget which works as an automatic alarm if he falls (don't know much about these I'm afraid). My mum is going through similar emotions about residential care, one minute she says she wants to go home again, the next minute she is worried about whether or not the nursing home will be able to manage her needs. So difficult.
Hi Eun, Jill's got one of those electronic lifeline belts that you wear round your waist.
If you fall, the jolt sets it off automatically, so no need to press anything.
Maybe if he could get one of those? It'd put your mind at rest, just so long as he wears it of course. Jill's never yet worn hers!! Image
My father in law has been moved to a hospital in St Andrews (about 4 1/2 hour round trip away from us) and the elbow break is a very bad one but due to his age they won't operate on it. They say he will be in hospital until after the New Year at least. I really don't see how he can go home again as he has no support and his Parkinson's is getting much worse but his social worker says they can't force him to go into a care home and if he wants to go to his own home there is nothing they can do to stop him. They are not willing to provide him with the help he would need to stay at home as I think he would require 24/7 care. He says he would rather die than go into a care home. At least he is in the safest place meantime but we can't visit at the moment because we have all this Parliament crap next week and both junior and I have a lot of hospital appointments of our own to attend.