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Not a Mrs Thatcher moan

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As the saying goes 'Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'.
'Nuf said!
Seems so wrong on every level that whatever the total outlay of taxpayers money towards this, result is her family inherits more of her personal money, rumoured to be in excess of £60million. Reports say most of the plans were her own, if so she should have paid for it all.

When we have elderly struggling to pay for care packages, being refused them due to so called lack of money, this just rubs salt in the wounds.
I think that a lot of the trouble being caused is through the expense. Although all the way through history, prominent members of society have been given expensive funerals by the government of the day. Winston Churchill, yes, also Queen Victoria, Disraeli, Julius Caesar, etc. That's just the way it is. Did anyone suggest that Winston Churchill's family pay for a little church service themselves?
No getting away with it, Margaret Thatcher was a prominent figure in our society, never mind whether people actually liked her or not, that's what she was and so was afforded such a funeral. Whether we like people or not is not the point - respect is what's lacking.
How would we feel if someone appeared at our mother's funeral waving placards sporting hateful comments or if they turned their backs? Disgusting at such an event and she did have other relatives as well, not just her immediate family. What must they all be thinking at such a time? I'm disgusted at such people.
Maybe so, but how many of us had a mother who held the position that she did, or created such division, of course i would have hated the people who did that at my mothers funeral, but we live in the real world, not the world of politicians and power.
My mother died one week ago today and at her funeral 230 people paid respect to a lady who lived her life the way she wanted, she had no pretensions, she believed that people were equal and she followed the rules, she knew what she was entitled to, she was married to a good hardworking man and accepted her lot.
She was not unhappy, indeed had a very happy life as far as i know, and she brought me up to respect others and not strive for more than she was due.
My mother would most likely have been astonished at the turn out at her funeral.
She had many faults but unlike Thatcher she never imposed her ideals on anyone.
That is the world i live in not the power grabbing, greed infested world of the politician, and Thatcher got what she deserved with the small protests,it is just amazing they were not bigger and justifiably louder, we won't feel sorry for her, she caused the misery and should reap the consequences.You get what you deserve and i don't mean £10mill or whatever it cost funerals. Scott.
Very sorry to hear about your mother Scott, my condolences. I think most of us would prefer an 'ordinary' life to the one that people in power live. It's not worth all the power in the world to end your life in a hotel, being looked after by strangers while your family stay abroad. Not that I blame them, they never had the sort of mother many of us were lucky to have. She neglected them as children so she couldn't complain if they weren't around for her at the end. In planning her elaborate funeral, being 'celebrated' by the powerful and rich, I wonder if she gave a thought to the strain of the occasion for her daughter? I think it says a lot about Mrs Thatcher that she organised that funeral, she wanted her place in history. Politicians often bang on about 'public service' while really wanting to get power and glory for themselves. Give me Tony Benn any time.
Sorry for you loss Scott.

This is the way I remember Maggie, on spitting image.

Politicians are all just old men in suits, she was a woman in a suit.
she was still a human being, had family at the funeral. a Mother , grandmother etc, God will do all the judging. not us.
I never watched any of her burial, seen enough death ,can we bury this thread now, fed up hearing about Maggie,
As they say you never talk about " Politics, Sex, or Religion" ... causes to much strive .