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Just a day in the life of........ - Carers UK Forum

Just a day in the life of........

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Hi All,

Although I am a newbie to this sight I have had some excellent advice so thanks to all you who have made me welcome.

Being a carer is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet but only the dedicated need apply.

I just thought I would say something less gloomy today; I do have happier days from time to time as, I hope, we all do?

An advanced apology if this is not appropriate for here?

Yesterday was really bright and sunny even if it was a tad cold. So I decided to take mother to the coast for dinner and a glance at the sea. Being stuck in doors (mainly due to the weather) has made life very strenuous lately.

We had a lovey fish dinner and, of course, mum’s favorite, knickerblockaglory, I ask you, ice cream this time of year!

The beach was far from empty and the sea was in. Gulls were hovering above and as we threw tit bits up into the air the gulls caught them before they had time to fall.

Because I no longer drive we had to go by bus, fortunately most of the drivers around these parts are very sympathetic to both the aged and disadvantaged, this make travel so much easier than it might otherwise be.

As we were returning home a woman (on the bus) had her trolley turn over. A few things fell out of it including an egg.

The egg rolled half the length of the bus, got trapped behind one of the automatic doors (as it opened) and yet, when picked up, had no damage what-so-ever; amazing.

I only have to look at an egg and it cracks, mind you some say mirrors do too.

It is nice to get out for a while and even though it was really hard work arranging the day, the smile on my mother’s face was priceless.

As for today; does this weather never end?

What a lovely day Image
Its so nice to get out and I think the beach at this time of the year is beautiful. Mind you - weve just had half term here and the local beach was packed out yesterday Image
That sounds like you had a perfect day Image Image
Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for posting Kevin - it's lovely to hear of your day out with mum. Lol I'm like you as regards eggs - just look at them and they develop a crack, guess it's the same with my mirror too Image

It's good that the bus drivers are helpful so that it is still possible for you to take mum out - and that smile made all your work worthwhile. Knickerbocker glory is just great at any time of year, yummy Image
Thank you all,

The happiness has just been disturbed as I recently heard an almighty crash.

I jumped up and hastened to the kitchen where mother had found a new storage place for the crockery.

We have a tiled kitchen and yes, it is now covered with broken crockery.

Mother is OK so no real harm done. I wonder whether my begging bowl is in tact?

Thank you all,
Mother is OK so no real harm done. I wonder whether my begging bowl is in tact?
Image Image Image Image and (((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))
the ups and downs of caring!!!! Image
im new to this but it was lovely to read about a happy day out.not sure i could do this with my mum as she has amazing capacity for causing chaos! love the way you see funny side of things.i have also had funny day today finding all the things mum has lost in last twenty four hours,hot water bottle .teeth. glassestomato ketchup. ketcup in biscuit tin ,glasses in knicker drawer teeth in specs case, hot water bottle nowhere to be found.got to laugh as otherwise probably cry.