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Decompression-post care

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I think when my caring finally reaches it's natural conclusion that it will be quite hard to bounce back into a normal existence. It certainly won't be the same pre care person that emerges but a changed person for sure, older and wiser -something along those lines anyway LOL.
I'm wondering if there is a book in me , a diary of events seems rather dull, so I was contemplating a sort of "pearls of wisdom from someone whose done it and has the t shirt", although I have a narrow spectrum of "done its". I don't feel that I am by any means an authority on dementia but could write about coping strategies and things I've learned in passing so to speak .
It would probably be in more general terms but the market is no doubt saturated with such accounts anyway.
Do you think there would be an interest for anything along those lines or would it just be a personal cathartic process?
Henrietta, that's a brilliant idea. So many books are written by medical people who have no idea of the complexities of benefits, CHC, which continence pads to use etc. etc. How to deal with bureaucracy, a guide to having carers in your house. It will almost write itself once you start.
Getting yourself back to normal will take time, a holiday, and some self examination. I found a book called "Starting Again" aimed mainly at divorcees most helpful when my husband died. You could get a copy now from ebay, it will give you something to look forward to, to make plans for a different life.