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No one cares for unpaid Carers

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I've spent well over an hour, probably nearer two, talking to the Complaints Officer in Social Services, prompted, I expect, by the fact that the Ombudsman is now reinvestigating.
My son is left alone 20 hours a day in his flat, unable to read, write, do any maths, or go out safely alone.
I asked for extra hours for the care provider as day services were closed, but was told they were still paying for the day service although no services were being provided.
However SSD have told the Ombudsman that they hours have been increased to cover the missing day service hours.
Both statements cannot be right!
Why does no one believe me, whatever I say on behalf of my son?
His wellbeing is my only concern, that he is safe, happy, and healthy. At the moment none of these apply, when he takes himself off for a 2 mile walk to town and back (not realising the council worker he was chatting to knew his brother!), he's unhappy at being alone, and he's now over 19 stone as he's snacking from boredom.
A has not had any service charges taken from the bank since April. I was worried about this and asked his day centre. They got back to me after phoning finance Dept to say if the service was unavailable you are not expected to pay

Is he safe walking back and forth to town...is he vulnerable. That would be a safequarding issue.

Are day services not doing any zoom interactions?

Surely they should be providing something.

Day services have started up again where I am i see...but i guesse they won't be l the same everywhere.

We have had to pay for them all through the pandemic.
Hi Londonbound

I couldn't agree more with all that you have written in your message on the 24th of June.

I trained for 5 years plus in Person-Centred Counselling; I believed in this philosophy. My skills have helped me many a time, in many situations. One cannot counsel their own friends and family but my skills have helped in my caring role too.

I'm sure many Carers here have a wealth of experience in many different fields and the work that we do as Unpaid Carers only adds to this experience.

We've cared for our Son since he was 11 years old; we have included him in every thing we do in life to ensure that his quality of life is the best that it can be however, a break would be very welcome now that my Husband and I are older and not as fit as we used to be.

Caring for 32 years Unpaid is a disgraceful reference to all of the governments who have taken complete advantage of myself and thousands of other Unpaid Carers too. Shame on them all; the same group of people would cry the loudest if they were treated in this way!
His day services have had a programme of activities online, no one checked to see if he had broadband at his flat, which he doesn't. With a previous provider he said staff spent all day "playing with their phones" the last thing he needed was better internet access!!
I asked SSD to arrange it for him, and a device, they are still "thinking about it" so he's totally isolated.
I've complained for years about the lack of risk assessments around walking, crossing the road, and riding his bike, no action.
Today, I received the Ombudsman's draft summary, what the council have said simply isn't true, and I can prove it! More writing, more paperwork, I haven't even been sent all the appendices, and said I need them asap because I can't respond properly without them.

Why are we always having to push for everything to be done properly.

It is beyond frustrating.

I also had a complaint in recently.

They basically twisted everything and then made other things up, its quite unbelievable.

How they get away with this behaviour is beyond comprehension .
I too went through complaints and the ombudsman, the report i got from the ombudsman, full of errors, i got to about 60 then gave up counting.

I was given 10 days to reply, no help supplied.

But if you are full time caring you just don't time to reply to lengthy untrue reports.

Point 32 the council says this?

point 54 the council says that.

In frustration i threw the report behind the TV, probably still there.

I lost my case and that was it, we need an ombudsman to deal with the ombudsman.

Again my problem you are dealing with faceless people, people who you have never met making decisions

that affect your life.

Sorry to hear that.

Don't think I will go to ombudsman..got to stage three, but their email wound me up so much...i just cant be doing with it.

I have ripped up letters in the past as they left me frustrated and annoyed, so I know how u feel
My wife and I are carers for a severely disabled daughter (Cerebral Palsy), as we are in our 80s we do not fall into the catogary that gets carers allowence. Hoverer my wife is no longer able to see to our daughters hygiene, so we have had to call in Social Services to arrange one & a half hours a day to get our daughter washed and dressed in a morning and get her ready for bed at night. We have never ever been paid any money as her carer, But we have to help pay towards the carers that come. Not sure if we could claim Direct Payments and use that to pay for her care.
Harry_14112 wrote:
Mon Sep 28, 2020 5:58 pm
We have never ever been paid any money as her carer, But we have to help pay towards the carers that come. Not sure if we could claim Direct Payments and use that to pay for her care.
I'm not certain by any means, but my instinct tells me that this is wrong. Your Daughter may have to contribute towards the cost of care, but there shouldn't be any costs borne by you or wife.

Maybe an email or a phone call to the Carers UK advice team will help to sort this out.

advice@carersuk.org - 0808 808 7777