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No one cares for unpaid Carers - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

No one cares for unpaid Carers

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life

Emotional blackmail.

You are so right

I am so shocked that Social Services would not help.

Have you considered asking your MP for help.

What plans do you have for your daughter longterm.


There was a long dismissive response from the government re the petition.

Among the things it said was that it didn't want to change the status of unpaid carers

They were also looking at a weeks leave for carers if they work

(Work! I barely get time to sit down or go to bed after my fifteen hours non-stop caring)

Yes, cloudygirl, I saw the atrocious flippant response given by the government, mainly based on the push they've plundered ridiculous amounts of money into, to support working family carers. This group of unpaid carers is few. It is considered okay for full-time unpaid carers to be left to it on carers allowance, and a universal credit top-up to live on longterm. When those carers are probably the majority of unpaid carers and are made to work long hours with no protection, or proper rights and kept on benefits not meant to have to live on, particularly longterm. On the other hand, the government disregards the amount of caring for someone with complex longterm needs and that it's in fact a full-time job.
However, the government pays social care staff and budget money for health which totals trillions.
They justify not paying unpaid carers on the basis of previous governments doing the same. In the government's response, they believe it is not just their responsibility, and that communities, local businesses, and the general population are also responsible, in order for support or change.

This last time I read a response towards a petition of the same, they were saying carers allowance is not meant to replace a wage. They couldn't say anything else without being seen to break the law. Less than 50 pence an hour is not a wage but an insult to all unpaid carers. Waged government workers bullying unpaid carer is also an insult, then those workers make unpaid carers also do their government-funded waged paid jobs, in many ways and in addition to 100's of hours per week unpaid caring.
Totally agree Maine with all you have said
I was only informed that I was entitled to Carer's Allowance during year 7 of 12 years of caring for tetraplegic hubby. We'd had several visits from the SS over the years previous to that, but nobody informed me of it. I didn't know that there was such a thing. Wasn't backdated either and no apology for the 7 year wait to be given it.
My son has a total care package of almost £1,000 a week, but he is currently only getting a fraction of the care he should. The day Lockdown started I was asked to care for him full time, my health has been simply too fragile to agree to that, which SSD know very well. However, he is getting really fed up with being left alone for 20 hours a week, he can't go out by himself safely. I've now arranged for us to have a short break in Devon as soon as lockdown is over, hopefully July 4th. He needs a bit of quality time with me. He isn't disabled, but by chance where we are supposed to be staying is supposed to be fully accessible. If it really is truly accessible, it might be of interest to others. It's called The Granary, at Larkbeare Grange if anyone wants to have a look. Bookable through Sykes Cottages, but they were less than helpful, to put it mildly but I read on their site that the owners ran a B&B, so I soon tracked them down that way, and have done a deal with them instead.

That looks lovely.

Lots of open space round it too. Hope you both enjoy.
Hi Londonbound

I see you have also tried to gain support of various agencies but to no avail! Well done you for trying though.

I have tried too many times only to hit a brick wall; no one cares! I find the couple of Carers groups where I live offer very little, their main concern is to secure their own jobs and many other Carers have felt the same as I have! They have their photo's taken outside hospitals where they appear to be doing hell and all for Carers but do very little; the funds they receive keep them in wages!

I never give up hope that one day conditions will improve for unpaid Carers but it will take a caring Government to do so!

Hi NanaNana

I had to leave my job due to my caring responsibilities and like you, I only discovered there was a Carers Allowance after 5 years into caring!

I was totally unaware of it; so lost a lot of money. Like many young couples we had a mortgage to pay and were one wage short making life very difficult indeed and back then they didn't have food banks when our cupboards were empty!

I think there is just so little understanding of unpaid carers, the average person on the street, what do they know about an unpaid carer?

The amount of issues I have trying to get insurance, I am an unpaid carer, hum, how does that work you care but don't get paid have you contacted the union?
What union?
The Gp thinks that Social Services do everything, well they don't, who brings their patients to the surgery, its not paid carers, who takes patients to the hospital etc, not paid carers.
Who provides the majority of the care, paid carers visit twice a day, that's 22 hours that unpaid carers do.
Some don't have paid carers, left totally to family friends neighbours to provide ALL the caring and support

I was never given any info support or anything wasn't told about benefits, carers allowance or anything, had to find out and do everything all my self, filling in forms, tribunials the lot.

As I have said so many times I have read all these strategys and promises, was reading yet another 60 page strategy last night, if you have multiple health conditions (most of my carees) and me actually, I have multiple health conditions.
There will be a team supporting your physical, SOCIAL and mental health needs.

Where how do we get this team, chain ourselves to the railings of the social services, GP or local hospital?

I don't know?

I email all these people who have signed all these commitments, never get a reply.

And Yes Huegatort, I have seen these people in photos, smiling and grinning like they haven't a care in the world.

I just don't think they really understand, we need to do one of house swaps you look after my caree for a week, battle the red tape, and I will sit in your office drinking tea and eating biscuits.

Then people would see the reality of caring.

Until you have been through the situation, how can you understand, you need to walk in my shoes to see what really happens.

They often say the best councellors are ones who have been through it all, people who have been addicted to drugs make good drug councellors.
People who have been though the care system can help others through the care system, I see these people who have a degree in business, what's that got to do with unpaid caring and social care?

It is fit able bodied people who make the decisions, how many disabled spaces in a restaurant car park, 2 , well that's what we were told, so all day people are having to double park drop off , drive off to the car park, then repeat the whole process again in the pouring rain or whatever.

We are allowed to give our views, we go to a meeting full of suits, we stick our hand up, get 2 minutes to give our views, never hear from anyone ever again.

We are ignored and forgotten.