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No one cares for unpaid Carers - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

No one cares for unpaid Carers

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When I first heard about "Clap for Carers" I stupidly thought it was for the likes of us.
No. It was for paid carers, getting at least minimum wage, and some thousands more.
What have we got out of the pandemic.
NOTHING! Some of my friends with adult children with LD have been caring 168 hours since March. Not one hour off. Disgraceful.
Like many here I work long hours and have to cope with so many issues without help and support from anyone else.

Last week my sight became distorted for 20 mins whilst out with my Son; I didn't panic because I didn't want to upset him. This happened 2 years ago whilst at home, I couldn't see properly but once again I was making food for my Husband and Son and didn't want to cause them concern.

It was time for my 2 year optician appointment. I arrived and two receptionist started asking questions re do you pay for your test etc....Do you receive any benefits and I started my reply with yes, I receive Carers Allowance and before I could say anymore one receptionist snapped, " That won't get you any help!" I went on to explain that I don't receive a pension due to Government changes and that my Husband received his state pension and pension credit guarantee!

I was shown to a board full of glasses and this pushy receptionist started explaining prices and went on to state that there were some very nice glasses but they were not within my small budget. I explained that I could not afford expensive specs and chose a pair from the lowest cost section.

After my test I was asked if I wanted transitions because I use glasses to drive but once again said no because I could not afford the extra cost!

It doesn't feel good to be in this position I can tell you but like many Carers I have worked all of my life including Caring and working at one time and like all Carers I work hard every day and have to be on call of a night too!

I know that none Carers can never understand what it is like to have to live on such a small budget and just how hard caring really is.

What a shameful government we have, to leave people penniless at pension age. Like many I feel frustrated by their lack of concern as to how we are supposed to live.

We are the silent army who no one cares about but people in general forget that without us, they would have to pay more taxes!