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Anyone have any ideas? - Carers UK Forum

Anyone have any ideas?

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Hi all
Rob wants to go to Leicester for a holiday this summer as he wants to visit the UK Space Centre which is there and also some Science Centres etc. Our problem is we need accomodation with a ceiling hoist and the nearest I can find is a new hotel which has been built next to Nottingham University. They have an adapted bedroom with an adjoining Executive bedroom but the Hotel is about 45 mins away from all the attractions he wants to visit. Has anyone heard of any adapted accomodation in Leicester? Have never actually stayed in a hotel as we usually go self catering. Is a hotel similar to the motel we stayed in in Florida or is that something different? Do they include food or is that something we will have to pay extra for?

Hi Eun

Motels in the States are quite different to hotels in the UK !

Generally Breakfast is included in the price of the room, except for most Premier Inns which don't have dining facilities (at least most of the ones I've stayed in don't - meals were usually available at the nearest pub Image ). The hotel's website should give you details about what's included in the price - usually a continental style breakfast and sometimes dinner in the evening (most hotels charge a supplement for a full english breakfast).
Send a pm to Charles. He might be able to advise.


Give these a ring tomorrow


2 pages of suggestions here but only says disabled friendly.. Don't have the time just now to check each one re hoists
http://www.goodaccessguide.co.uk/accomm ... estershire

Hope you can get sorted

x x
Sorry Eun, can't help on the accomodation front, but all I can say is that the Space Centre in Leicester is superb and totally accessible. We loved it there.
Thanks to everybody for their help - we will check these out. The Hotel I found got back to us with a price - £252 a NIGHT Image Image Needless to say we won't be staying there thats for sure!

Hi Eun

Have tried ringing round - no joy with the hoist issue at all so far. Tourist information suggested a hotel that is "fully accessible" - but that only meant that it could take a wheelchair. So I've branched out and rung round the other hotels.

So far I've found nothing with a hoist at all.

It's something I will take up with the local council because it's an equality issue, a tourism/commercial issue and frankly it's a poor b****y show!
Quick follow-up: I've spoken with someone at the City Council who has responsibility for "Changing Places" - we're going to look at how we can get this flagged up so that hotels have to provide at least one room with a ceiling hoist as a planning requirement. No idea if it'll come off.

Of course, that's no good to Rob right now though. Image
Thanks Charles for doing all that - some of Rob's friends have rented manual hoists when they go away but because of my diabilities and my husband's hernia we can't use a manual hoist. It took three of us in Florida to use one and I am weaker now than I was then. Thanks for trying for us.

Hi Eun - you're welcome.

This has gone to the "Disability Access Officer", who agrees that the current situation is "quite ludicrous." They are keen to take it forward but I don't yet know how that will work.