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Nice things

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the camelia is flowering in an otherwise drab garden....thankfully camelias dont mind the fact that i have not dug over the front yard and it is full of weeds - if only the weather would cheer up a tad.....but at least there are nice bright red flowers as soon as i step outside to cheer me on my way.
Once again Paul and Crocus have come to my rescue regarding Hubs Epilepsy
Thank you, sometimes the little things mean so much! x
Just had 24 hours without rain here Image Image
OK, friends drove over an hour to pick me up to mums and take me to the pub AND bring me back. Much appreciated Image
DD bought me a slice of carrot cake Image
( she knows how to get on my good side Image )
Yesterday in Tesco's pharmacy (need antibiotics for tooth abscess Image ) the assistant asked me if I paid for my prescriptions -as I'm 67 (and was not looking my best due to swollen face etc) that easily made my day Image Image Image
Normally when I walk the dog, I don't see many people, yesterday though, dog walkers, joggers, families, amblers were all out in force,.... I've never said 'Good morning' to so many people in one day!
Thank you Mr. Sunshine Image You made me feel a bit more human! Image
Had a nice chat and laugh with friends at work today Image Image

susie- ouch Image hope the tooth better soon

3 times the wrong meds were delivered, finally spoke to someone with sense and correct meds delivered the next day! ...small things... Image
this is nice bit of site.makes you realise small but nice things very important. friend brought me cake today lovely also sqirrels in garden entertaining
416 posts