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Nice things

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Aww, you two Image Image
Hope everybody reads this, to give them their happy thought for the day.
So pleased for you both Image xxx
DD is home, and my best friend, her hubby and daughter visited.
We had take out for tea and friend baked cakes to bring Image
Starting to feel a bit human again! Auto pilot shutting down.....
In spite of dismal dreich weather I have now seen first snowdrop - beautiful Image
And the joy of the two lovebirds xx
Went for a coffee today with a friend and didnt discuss hubby or situation at home once, just chatted. Its was lovely and very nice.

Sometimes its nice to just be me Image
Image Beanie
My Son came and helped me reseal round the bath!
Not a huge thing, but he did a fab job and it gave me some time with him Image
Sheldon, the bonkers kitten, swinging off lampshades, (ceiling ones Image ), hanging off the tops of doors, (yes really, am not making this up Image Image Image ) and falling off the top of the fridge 3 times, only to jump back up again.
All his antics never fail to make me laugh when feeling down Image Image Image Image
I've been 'roped' in to collect my adorable 3 year old great-niece from 'big' school one afternoon a week when her Mum can't get off work early enough and I'm really chuffed to have been asked Image Image First time will be this Thursday Image Really looking forward to it as she's such a happy little soul and really cheers me up Image Image
Susie, thats lovely, she sounds so sweet Image Image Image

Had an absolute rubbish day at work today, was really fed up, then daughter sent me a really funny text which cheered me up no end Image Image Image

My Aunt phoned unexpectedly for a nice chat, and my stepson did the ironing Image Image
Went to pick up (step) Grandsons up from their new school, it's really close to us so I am now on the emergency call list Image
Lovely to see them so happy - unlike their old school.
416 posts