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Nice things

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Very nice things!!
Bowling - My runner beans arent good (first seeds never germinated and the second were put in too late, so may not get any... Broad beans werent good either, got chocolate spot on them in the end and all died off. But my green beans... WOW theres loads of them. The freezer is full of them and they keep coming. Been giving them out to neighbours as well. Also first batch of spuds have given me a great crop. Going to do the same next year, and also through the winter. Toms looking good as well, very big nearly beefsteak size but not that variety... Kinda mixed feelings this year though, hardly any parsnip seeds germinated, not many carrots either for some reason but other things better than last... Learn from your mistakes I guess roll on next year
Hi Aussie, gardening is dependent on so many things, no two seasons are the same, that's part of the fun. I live in the New Forest, very mild climate and wonderful soil. Our cottage is over 100 years old, with a long, thin garden, the veg. patch is near the bottom. We can grow beans well, but carrots are never good, due to carrot root fly; and parsnips are always hit and miss. Spuds grow well too, so DIL concentrates on beans and spuds in her "patch", it's her corner of the garden, with a fence round it to keep baby and dog in, with a "Worker's rest" complete with settee - electric will be fitted soon! Baby is 15 months old, loves "helping" and the dog loves helping DIL dig spuds, he's very gentle. It's a sun trap, protected all round by sheds, hedges and trees. Away from the road, you can hear all sorts of birds, including a pair of buzzards calling each other in flight - they live on a farm nearby. We have a little robin which always appears as soon as we go out into the garden.
It's really lovely to read of all the nice things you are growing in your gardens - all that wonderful fresh vegetables just waiting to be picked. We are in the far north on the North Sea coast - much colder and exposed to high winds so only very hardy plants survive here and most of the things you have mentioned are supplied to us by Tesco. However I love living on the coast - when I am tucked up in bed and everything is quiet I can hear the sound of the sea.
My head on a pillow... Very rare.... Image
We dug up our very first spuds & onions yesterday Image
Feel quite proud Image
Gilli, that must have ben a lovely surprise Image

We have booked to go away for a few days, JUST me and my husband.My daughter is going to stay and care for our son.Not going far,but we will be in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with lovely scenery and walks.I feel VERY guilty for being happy at going away without our son,but in 28 years of being a mother and Carer, I have only ever had one childfree break.I am looking forward to doing loads of walking. It is the first time in several years that I have felt happy and looking forward to something.
It was, Lazydaisy. Your planned trip away sounds idyllic - did it happen ok? Hope your guilt feelings disappeared and you were able to enjoy yourself - about time you did!

I haven't been yet Gilli. Going at the end of this month.Guilt still there but I am looking forward to the break.
Nice things the last couple of days. My 3 year old grandson started school in the mornings last week. He has been diagnosed with autism in the holidays and we didn't know how he would settle,but he seems to be doing well. When he comes back to our house at lunchtime,he and his 9 month old brother have been almost "flirting" with each other,their smiles saying " I missed you.Glad to be with you again." They don't have eyes for any of the rest of us for five minutes or so, they have to look at each other Image Image .
My Step Daughter posted this on my FB page, quite lovely


Our neighbour called again with fresh eggs, toms & cucumber for us Image
She said to me, ''aren't your children lovely, always polite, always wave and say hello and always smiling''
Made my day
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