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Nice things

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Put the budgies a new swing up and bought them some coloured balls to play with, so funny watching them, they love their new toys!
Saw a beautiful rainbow this evening.
We had a lovely day Sunday , wondering round Gloucester Docks & a nice meal , its been so long Image
Son doing well in his 'A' levels, very proud Mum here Image
Son doing well in his 'A' levels, very proud Mum here Image
Well done to your son! What's next for him?

A sunflower which I thought had died in its infancy but which turned up as bright as a button in a rainwater barrel in our back garden - don't know how it ended up in the rainwater barrel, but it made me think about how people and things can flourish in adversity!

Gilli, that must have ben a lovely surprise Image

We have booked to go away for a few days, JUST me and my husband.My daughter is going to stay and care for our son.Not going far,but we will be in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with lovely scenery and walks.I feel VERY guilty for being happy at going away without our son,but in 28 years of being a mother and Carer, I have only ever had one childfree break.I am looking forward to doing loads of walking. It is the first time in several years that I have felt happy and looking forward to something.
Sorted out the garden a couple of weeks ago, looks much better now

Gilli, Son is off to Uni, doing Drama/Creative writing combined honours, he then wants to do his teacher training Image

Youngest did very well in her GCSE's , she starts college next week.
So proud of my 3 kids, they put up with loads at home, but have still done well in their studies.
They help out and let me a have a break, they are polite, very kind, considerate and respectful, but best of all, whatever happens, we always have a laugh together Image
Picking runner beans in my veg. patch, planted by DIL, watered by my eldest son religiously every night. At the age of 35 he's discovering how much he likes pottering in her veg. patch, no one is more surprised than him! So whilst lots of gardeners are reporting poor runner beans this year as it's been too dry, we are eating them virtually every night and still have some to give to DIL's mum and dad. Meanwhile on my patio I have loads of lovely fuchsias, geraniums, pansies and hydrangeas all loving the weather. When I'm feeling harassed I go round and water and dead head them. I put the pansy heads in the same trough and now there are loads of seedlings appearing. It never ceases to amaze me how a small dry seed can produce a wonderful plant.
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