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Nice things

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Sitting outside a cafe today with my Dad, drinking coffee, smoking ciggies, chatting and people wtching
Watching my grandaughter sitting in her high chair in the pub this lunchtime, playing with the balloon which the barman tied to it, to keep her amused.
Not a care in the world.
My girls have been offered a day trip with the Young Carers group, the offer of lunch at frankie & benny's swung it for them! Image
Plus, Son and I have been granted a paid for trip to the theatre and a meal beforehand with funds from Making Space Carers. We're going to see a comedy play with Joe Pasquali in it, not until September, but something to look forward to Image
thats real good news, and so well deserved. have fun, all of you. xx
That is great news Sturdy. Have a really nice time. Image
My youngest, (she's 15) cooked a full chicken dinner all on her own today for 5 of us.
It was absolutely gorgeous. (I've trained my lot well Image Image )
I am one proud Mummy! Image
Had a lovely weekend.
Attended a really interesting talk on Friday and then stayed overnight with my nephew's wife and had a good natter. Danced on Saturday at a farmers' market and had a great audience, spent time with Dad on the way home, had tea and cake and a lovely chat. Yesterday did some studying in the morning and gardening in the afternoon. Dug up some stray raspberry canes, advertised them on Freecycler and had two takers within a hour, one has already collected as they live in the next road!
Oo, Juggler, I love Freecycle.
Me too, someone once Freecycled to me a folding bike, which was virtually new, worth at least £250!! The lady said she needed the space more than the money.
Went with hubby on Dial a ride (minibus for elderly & who have any disabilities) to Tesco's.
My husband bought me some flowers for our Anniversary plus my birthday for tomorrow.
416 posts