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Nice things

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Played snowball fights with the kids across the road.

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Put on walking boots and went for a winters walk along a footpath. It looked like a christmas card - and so silent.
My 12 year old talking tonight about how great, but sad, Les Miserables was at the cinema today and I should of gone to see it and she wants to see it again, non stop talking about it,she was so bubbly and excitable Image Also whilst she was out, I put her baby photos in a new heart shaped photo frame from Next, so pretty and more modern than the old one, cant wait to put it up Image RRB
Thinking of going for a nice country walk tomorrow.
Also thinking of booking some Madness tickets, either Northampton Cricket Ground or Haydock Park are the nearest. Only thinking about it, that would be nice, if I had someone to go with, but would have to stay overnight somewhere.
Because the grocery shopping didn't arrive (again Image ) my lovely Son and his girlfriend ordered us a take away tea last night Image and he popped to the local shop for me for some basics to tide us over.
'Talking', well burbling really, with my 3 month old granddaughter on the phone Image
My mums phone line was down for a couple of days, but today it was working again. I was able to talk to her and make sure she was OK in the bad weather.
a smile and a gurgle from my 7 week old grandson this morning. Image
Came home from work to discover that hubby had washed up for me
Forgot to post my nice thing for the day last night Image Thought about it once I was in bed, but wasnt going to get up again Image So Im posting it now

Made some homemade veg soup and we drank it in the warm with the rain lashing down outside.
416 posts