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do not trust the professionals

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do not trust professionals
Like what professionals ? do you mean professional carers ? if so why not
Hi Tracie, I have to say I tend to agree with you. But once in awhile there is a good one; so judge each one on their own merits - just in case they are the exception to the rule.

But I think perhaps something specific has triggered this comment. If you want to share, we are out here in cyber space, ready to listen.

I am sorry but you can not trust any of them in my experience. They will twist things and metaphorically stab you in the back if you dare to make any sort of challenge or complaint about them. That goes for care workers and nurses (currently have a formal complaint going through about disabled son's treatment in hospital). Don't be fooled people - they are not your friends - you would not see sight nor sound of them if they weren't being paid to be there and some of them are people you would never want to have in your house in a million years.

We have no qualms about our home care workers or indeed the district nurses.I guess we must be lucky
I've had some pretty negative experiences too. Worst being told by a social worker just back from her Caribbean holiday, brown as a berry, that I would get no respite care at all that year (5 day holiday scheme) because I'd had "my turn" the previous year! This was, undoubtedly, her punishment for me daring to make a formal complaint. Later, I discovered that my son's name had been completely removed from the respite list. Two years later I was so ill that he had to go into residential care, as a boarder at the school he'd been attending as a day pupil. For four months this year, we've had the best ever social worker, but just as she started to change things for the better, the funding for her post has dried up, and she's left.
my mh worker had two more and never trusted them and we'll this one is no better ment to see her weekly should have daily calls I get one every now and again see her as and when it suits her hubby waiting carers assessment from mh team on how he copes with me been waiting six month
Tracie, if someone has said that you should have daily calls but you are not getting them, that is a very serious matter.
I don't trust them, but I do feed them. I find it works better than confrontation. You need to figure out where they are coming from, know that they have massive resources at their disposal but have to operate within certain rules and constraints, connect the two, and just keep telling them the bits of the truth that they want to hear so they can fill their little tick boxes and give you what you want. Don't ever lie, just be crisp, well prepared and selective. It's easier that way. Don't see yourself as a person in need either. (well, talk like one, but don't actually FEEL it: always negotiate from a position of strength). I mean, everyone hates a loser. No, just see yourself as a top-class winning salesperson for the one you love. This is a business transaction, no more, no less. They have a need to spend their money on a good cause, and you need to believe you are as good as any other. It isnt for you, remember, this is for your caree, and they deserve every penny they can get. Results? All the way to the bank. Honest. Well, mostly! Cynical? Moi? Image Image Image Image
my care plan is not worth what its written on