New flooring in our caravan.

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very posh !!
Very smart, and much easier to clean :D
Looks great. So does your caravan.
My parents had a caravan, in which I spent many a weekend and week's holiday. Gas lights and no loo. Had to traipse over a field. Somehow I don't fancy such any more.
Nice floor though.
Wow :D
We have a static and despite the fact the bathroom flooring is OK at the moment, I do love the type you have down. Fabulous :D

Very smart. We had a series of touring caravans when we attended steam rallies. The last few had carpet which was a real nuisance when the rallyfield was muddy. Vinyl is so much more practical.
The gas fire was unsafe to use so i took it out as you can see in the last photo mad a panel to replace it .I have been told i devalued the caravan by doing that ,,can't see the point of keeping it if it doesn't work .
Anyway not thinking of getting another caravan at the moment.