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Need your opinions..

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Hi Ladybird,

I am thinking about a big move to another area. It is an area I have known all my life, we used to drive through the area to get to the ferry when we were visiting relatives and the area in which my ancestors lived. I have also been on holiday to stay in the area I am thinking of and I do feel "at home" in the location. I am a bit older than you, my caring duties are over and I have health conditions of my own. I found that the council and hospitals around this area were obstructive and difficult and therefore I dont think I want to land ill in any this area. There are two hospitals in the area I am considering moving to but they are much small and more personal. The care people also seem to be more caring and kinder to their home care patients. I have grandchildren and I have heard that a smart gran lives by the sea! The other side is that I knew of a lady in that area who had her grandchildren delivered at the start of the holidays and collected just before schools went back. Not sure I would want that.

I hope you will keep us all posted with your progress. I need some courage to make this move for me and hopefully we will both make a succcessful move out of it all.

Little Lamb
But remember you just dont need a car in London, but being by the coast is a whole lot different. The bus routes are often not that good and only on the hour in some places.

We moved to Devon 32yrs ago and it was the best thing we could ever have done.

Go and have a look around. Get the feel of the place and talk to the locals.
Some will say your mad and others will welcome you with open arms.

Good luck and have fun!!
Only on the hour Pete?In Pembrokeshire, an hourly bus is the most regular you get,to go from one town to another!
Doesn't mean you have to 'see' the sea though and personally, I love it just as much when it's 'wild and grey'. Fascinates me, always has done. My auntie and uncle live in Felixstowe and hardly ever go down to the prom to see the sea (uncle had enough of the sea when he worked in the old dock basin), but they still like it.
When you go to stay in Gt Yarmouth, you would have to rely on public transport or taxis to get you around to actually VIEW the properties. Sometimes, estate agents will take you round in their own cars if you tell them your circumstances, worth having a word with them.
When you go to stay in Gt Yarmouth, you would have to rely on public transport or taxis to get you around to actually VIEW the properties.
That's not such bad thing. At least you get an instant crash-course in the local public transport network, and find your way around from the word go!

I really do miss living on the coast. Especially in summer, on those wonderful warm nights, which are a real blessing if you are a dog-owning insomniac like me. I would often sit on the beach at midnight or later, nobody else around but the foxes in the dunes and my dog of course, watching the twinkling lights of the boats which matched the stars overhead, and the moonlight making a silver path across the water, feeling like I was the only person in the world (in a peaceful way).

I'm in a rural area now and can't go for walks at night - I broke a bone in my foot when I fell down a rabbit hole in broad daylight, so I daren't try walking in a field after dark!
I lived in Hastings for four years, and loved the old town and the fishing boats and drying sheds. It was tacky in places, but the coastal walks along the 7 sisters and Winchelsea were great. And it was quite handy for nipping over to Paris for the weekend, too. Winter car-ferry packages were dirt cheap. Plus you could enjoy a night out in the West End and be home for midnight. Would I go back? Probably not. Why? Because I can get all that in Scotland, and a lot more, for half the price, plus social care here is free. Think out of the box.
Lazydaisy - Some of the outlying villages only have two buses a day around here.
I cant say with any authority anything about buses really, as I never use them. My bus pass is about to expire and I haven't used it once! Image
Lazydaisy, Moving to a new area is a great idea and no, youre definitely not bonkers.

I have lived in East Anglia and loved it, but I will say though, that living there without a car can be challenging dependant on exactly where you are . Some of the villages have no public transport at all, nor do they have doctors, pharmacy, dentist or any shops. Mum and Dad were thinking of moving to somewhere like that when they retired and waved away my concerns. Then Dad died of a heart attack just before they moved, so Mum cancelled the move. She latter said to me "If we had moved before your Dad died what would I have done?" as she doesnt drive, you see.

She has now moved to a much larger village in East Anglia that has good public transport including a train service with easy access to the local main hospital, doctors, dentist and a range of shops. She is very happy there. So its quite doable without a car, but you have to be sensible and think about how you would cope.
Wow..what a lot of posts! Image

All brilliant, thank you all so much. Here is where we are aiming to go http://www.great-yarmouth.co.uk/places- ... n-sea.aspx, we know it quite well, it has good transport etc. There is the main James Paget Hospital (hopefully we will never need it) only a few miles away..I think we are covered with our needs!

It will be some time until we can get it all organised, we are very much at the "decided but thinking it all through" stage, I am very reassured to see that you all think it is doable!

Scally, for us, this is thinking outside the box. It means leaving caree behind in London as well as our 5 adult children and our many grandchildren..the most obvious thing to do would be to stay where we are. And, no offence to Scotland and all it has to offer but I am married to a Scot who most definitely doesn't want to move back..it brings us that bit nearer for a holiday though! Image
Looks gorgeous. I would love to live by the sea.