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Need your opinions.. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Need your opinions..

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Many thanks everyone, good to hear so many positive opinions!

Being the careful character that I am, I have been researching everything I can think of..even down to the crime rates in the area. Image
It is actually Caister we are hoping to go to, about 3 miles from Great Yarmouth itself, only small but with the "essentials" that we would need. We have been to the holiday camp there 5 times so have got to know the area quite well, buses shops etc and are under no illusions that winter time by the coast can be pretty dreary but then so can London..in fact anywhere at that time of year!
It's halfway twixt the rest of the country so perfect for travelling around and close enough fro me to get back to London should any problems occur with caree.

We are intending to stick with a 3 bedroom (and yes, I have been trawling through rightmove!) so we have a spare room for caree if she comes to visit, grandsprogs and even a lesser-spotted Audrey..saves us buying a shed for her to stay in if she comes to visit! ( Image )

You have given me some great suggestions and I am very grateful. At 48 I am not over the hill but this all seems rather daunting, the fact that mum would have loved the idea makes it a bit easier.

I just need to keep reminding myself that there is no rush. Image
Ladybird, winter by the coast is the most exhilirating time of year. It is wonderful on the beach(if you can get there) during Christmas week when there is nobody else around. Image Image
Ladybird, at 48 you've hardly approached the hill Image Image
Ladybird - of course its possible! Just depends really how much you want it....some good advice already given. If possible, I quite like the idea of staying somewhere for a short while before making any commitment as Susie suggests. There is usually some website or other offering short lets in towns and well worth having a look through. Most towns also have forums where locals would be able to give you the "real" run down of the area which you may not pick up from a web-site.

Tony and I did just what you are considering when we moved over here to Spain. It was a big step of course, but not one that I have ever regretted!

If its what you want - go for it!

Bell x
Ladybird, winter by the coast is the most exhilirating time of year. It is wonderful on the beach(if you can get there) during Christmas week when there is nobody else around. Image Image
I so totally agree... the sea is only dreary if you have spent an hour driving there, found it raining, and are forced to sit in your car eating fish & chips staring bleakly out of a car window.

The seven years I spent living on the coast were wonderful. I'd lived in London before, and getting to know the sea was exciting. Even on the most miserable rainy days you can still feel its energy, and stormy days when the sea is angry fill you with a strange joy. Seeing the waves crashing over the front in fury is amazingly exciting. On days like those, I could stand in my back garden and actually hear the roar of the sea half a mile away.

On grey overcast days, you can watch the colours change almost minute by minute, and realise there's no dull day by the coast. It makes you want to run home and get some paints. The light reflected from the water makes such a difference. I am trying to write this without resorting to cliche, but you soon realise there are many, many more tones, hues, tints and nuances of 'grey' than a mere 50! Image
I have some friends who lived in Lincolnshire but moved away as they couldn't stand the really cold winters, when the East wind was "lazy" and wanted to blow throught you, not round you. Some people don't mind the cold, others like me hate it. As I live on the South Coast, I know it's beautiful in summer but the seaside can be really bleak in winter. Just thought I'd add this to the melting pot of ideas. I envy you having a project to think about. I think I'd be inclined to go for renting my house out for a while, then renting one somewhere else if possible, our local council are so desperate for temporary accommodation that they offer some really good incentives, so bear that in mind as a possible option as well. Hope it all goes well, keep us posted.
OOh Ladybird,

how exciting and entirely possible.

I have house hunted on foot (not to buy, to rent) and managed it with careful planning.

When my family moved from London to Dorset years ago, that was done with train travel and B&Bs as part of the research process. We then stayed in lovely rented accomodation until our new home was ready.

Keep us update.

My in-laws moved to Fife from Glasgow in their sixties and loved it but ow that they ar ein their 80's they hate it and are desperate to get back to Glasgow. They are so isolated where they are and its a 5 hour round trip for us to visit plus their house is not accessible and last time we visited Rob had to sit outside in his wheelchair. I suppose we could have given him a fishing rod and he could have pretended to be an over-sized garden gnome. Image

Go for it!

We liove in a seaside resort & thought we would hate it in the winter but actually it is wonderful. Being able to go down to the sea & watch the wildness of the sea in winter is just fantastic. There is a high proportion of older people here (& I am sure this is the case in many seaside places) which results in lots going on underneath the surface & excellent bus routes.

We moved here 3 years ago from busy Surrey & although it took a while to settle in, I wouldn't go back for the world. In fact every time we go visiting back in Surrey I can't wait to get back to the low buildings, little shops with character, people who have time to stop & chat.

Good luck with this all - I hope you are really happy.
Lots of online Estate Agents include virtual tours now as well as photos so that could help too!
Good luck and happy hunting Image