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Need your opinions.. - Carers UK Forum

Need your opinions..

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..on a rather odd matter. Image

This may sound slightly mercenary but I think you all know me well enough to know that's not the case. Anyhoo..

Mum always wanted myself and hubby to get out of London to somewhere quieter and less stressful. I have held back because of finances never being available (even when hubby and I were working 2 jobs each) and in latter years because of caree and then mum, we couldn't even consider it.

It is now something that I am giving serious thought to because our situation has changed and we will be in a position to go somewhere else..having lived here all my life it is slightly scary but it will be the only chance we get as we are in council accomodation.

Plan is to move near to Great Yarmouth BUT...we don't have a car and don't drive.

Do you think it is possible to make plans like these minus a car? It would mean me (hubby not up to that much travelling) going up to view properties and maybe stay in a B&B for a couple nights.

Do you think this is unrealistic or do-able? I would appreciate your opinions.
NOTHING is impossible is you set your mind to it, if your heart is in it.
Only potential obstacle would be finances. If you can afford to travel and stay in a B&B to view properties and of course afford to move, including removal van company, then there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be doable. Image
Ladybird,Go for it!
You can buy rail tickets online which makes it a bit cheaper,if you are wanting to back and for regularly. Look online at cottages to rent for a few days, might be cheaper than B and B,and with the end of summer coming up now,owners will often be prepared to do them a bit cheaper.

Good luck,whatever decision you make.xx

Welcome Cottages is a company which have good cottages which they advertise for the owners. We have used them for family holidays(weekly of a short break) often and have never been disappointed.
I've never had a car, which wasn't a problem when I lived in London for 18yrs. It became a problem when I moved to rural Hampshire; then wasn't a problem when I moved to a nearby city which had a superb public transport system and very cheap taxis.

I now live in central Somerset and it is a problem once again, especially as I will have to stay here for the foreseeable, if not my mum's primary carer as I am now, then still offering support in some capacity.

Based on my experiences, I would say do research your chosen areas very thoroughly beforehand. If you don't drive, then moving out of London may be at least a culture shock in view of many councils cutting subsidies to bus services; at worst, frustrating and 'disabling' in ways you may not have though of.

A lot of smaller towns and cities no longer have the High Street small businesses like butchers, greengrocers and bakers in walking distance like they once did, as out-of-town developments have closed them down, meaning you would have to go a mile or so away to a megastore like Tescos or Sainsburys to do your shopping.

Some places do have sporadic bus services to these, but many don't.... and if you don't have a car you are, to put it politely, 'boogered' unless you can afford to order online and have it delivered. An agoraphobic's dream, but no incentive to those who naturally enjoy going for a walk to the shops every day for social reasons and just to get some fresh air and exercise.

The small Tesco's in my town may close now they are building a megastore 1.5 miles away - and there is nowhere else here to buy food. It's a bugbear of mine... but I hate how these multinationals have shaped our towns in the last few decades.
Dreams should never remain dreams unless they are impossible ones Ladybird and your dream now sounds possible so research more and go for it is my advice xxx
Why not?
Do as much research online as possible - lots of property websites available.

You basically have two options -

1) try to work out a list of the properties you'd like to see that meet your criteria and then ring the agents and try to get viewing appointments over a couple of days

2) Pick an agent and ask them to arrange a viewing list for you

There is a 3rd option of course - put all your 'stuff' into storage and move into rented accommodation in the area for a few months.This would give you the chance to see if you actually like living in the area without burning all your boats.

But overall I'd say 'go for it' - if you don't try you won't know and then in years to come you'd be kicking yourself for a missed opportunity. I still haven't completely discounted moving down to Folkestone although I'm finding the logistics of such a move to be quite scary Image
Anything is possible. Do your research as some have suggested, but in the end it comes down to whether you think that the always wondering 'what if?' if you don't go for it would be worse than any regrets you may have if you do go for it. To me personally I always look at it this way if unsure whether to do something or not - If I don't do it I know that I will definitely always be wondering if things would have been different if I had have done it, but if I do do it there may be a possibility that it doesn't work out but at least I will know I have tried. Also I always find it helpful to look at the worse case scenario if things don't work out. If I feel that I could deal with it then there should be nothing holding me back. However I should stress that when reading this you should bear in mind that 2 years ago I moved to a remote Shetland island from a busy town (Hatfield, Hertfordshire), without seeing the property (apart from a few photos) and without ever visiting Shetland (in fact I'd only ever been to Scotland once on a school trip) and I had less than 2 weeks to make the decision. Image
Go for it!
Advice already given is what I would have said.
Not having a car is not a big obstacle and as long as you've done your groundwork stepping into the unknown is a great adventure!
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