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Does anyone have a contact number for Talk Talk customer service department?

I have been played music (I use the term loosely) for up to an hour at a time before being cut off........

It needs to be a freefone number or regular landline number if at all possible.

TalkTalk is a pile of soggy brown stuff.

The regular contact number is 0870 444 1820 and is free from your TalkTalk landline.
National Rate number is 0203 441 5550

Or you could try 0800 0499999 and ask for Customer Services, or 0800 1105850.
Thanks for the info Gary.

Pile of poo or not they are 110% better than the BT option.

The chap I spoke to on the first number was very helpful and although from a foreign call centre had a good command of the english language.

Think we got sorted......time will tell.xx
Pile of poo or not they are 110% better than the BT option.
Looks like I need to eat my words. I have just signed up with TalkTalk, Phone, Broadband and TV. Image

Time will tell how good they are. Fingers crossed. One thing is for sure, they are WAY cheaper than BT.
So this thread isn't about the fabulous band from the 80's?

Been with talk talk a few months now... and the only complaint I have is that you can't turn the sleep mode off or to a specified number of hours on the flipping box GRR.

Our TV is on 24/7 in recent days and it gets a little annoying having to keep pressing "OK" in less than a minute every 4 hours!!!