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It is my best friends daughters 1st birthday on tuesday and i have no idea what to get her. Any suggestions
I'm afraid my default prezzie is always a book.
I know little ones can't read but they can look at pictures and its something that can be shared with any adult
My daughters most successful 1st birthday pressie was a pull along ark with animals that could be posted through different shaped holes. Hope that makes sense.

Edit for clarity:
Sorry, that didnt make a lot of sense. I meant that any toy that consists of pushing things into it is popular at this age. Ive seen a plastic ball with shapes cut out that you post right shaped bits into and the sort of very early jigsaws that dont join together, but are just wooden shapes with pictures on them that fit into holes on a board.
Whatever you get, make sure its pretty robust and not too small as everything goes in the mouth at that age Image
Books are always good, my grandaughter will be 2 in a couple of weeks and daughter has asked if I'll get her clothes.
Oooh go to the toy shop and rummage - so much to choose from! Books, instruments, posting toys, toys that can roll/push along the floor ... Keep the receipt just in case she gets two presies the same and then friend can always exchange it. Let us know what you get her.

I've already bought a soft fabric, colourful little book, with pockets on every page. It folds into a house shape, with a little carrying handle and there is a little felt mouse, which can be placed into the pockets as you go through the pages. Even though she can't read at 1, the little girl may be able to move the mouse from pocket to pocket as the pages are turned.
I bought this little book for grand daughter's first birthday ..... in August!
I bought this little book for grand daughter's first birthday ..... in August!
Nothing like planning ahead eh? Image
I ended up getting her a minnie mouse teddy thats bigger than her haha she loves it and it doesn't hurt when she hit me with it and some clothes. Went to 6 different shops but i did it. Image
Well done courtz - that sounds lovely. Im glad she is enjoying it.