National Trust Scheme - Carer goes free

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Last month I renewed M's membership of the NT, but then had a letter saying the application had been rejected. To cut a long story short, I paid using the card for the account into which all M's benefits go. In accordance with DWP rules, it's in my name. However, that was interpreted by the NT as being a "gift" membership as the name on the card wasn't the same as the person buying the membership and therefore THE WRONG FORM had been used, application rejected!!
I ended up speaking to the person in charge of disability issues at the NT, we sorted things out and she's going to discuss it with the NT head of department.
I took the opportunity of raising the problem of a forum member whose disabled son wasn't allowed in free in their membership. She said that they could sort out ANY issue relating to disability but don't expect the local houses or their call centre to be able to sort them out, please contact at Head Office.
M and I use our NT cards a lot on holiday, I get in free as his carers. They not only have interesting houses and gardens, but lovely food and spotless toilets!!!
BB, Glad you sorted that out. I pay for S's membership with my card, no problems so far... We have taken out membership at a NT property and also done it online. We pay for S's card and then who ever accompanies him ( me) gets in for free.