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My Bertie

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As some people have asked for photos of my new furry friend - this is Bertie :D
(I remembered that a couple of weeks ago we could post photos IF they were in the FIRST post on a new topic - but we still can't post photos in existing topics; you also won't be able to post photos in any reply to this topic :( )

If you don't see the photos but do see a box saying "Attachments" - then click on the box to see the photos.


Ahhh- beautiful Susie- I missed any posts on him previously- how old is he? Is he a rescue ? How lovely to have a new friend.
Yes, he's a rescue - from the rehoming centre where I volunteer (he was handed over because his previous owners had a toddler who was tormenting him, when Bertie said "enough is enough" and hit back instead of teaching the child to respect animals they kicked Bertie out !)

He's 8 years old but plays like a kitten :lol: Mind you he doesn't look his age as he is so very tiny - if I didn't know his age I'd have said that he was about 12-18 months.

He likes cuddles, head butts and being groomed - and purrs very loudly ! He sat on my lap watching TV most of yesterday evening and found his way onto my bed for a snuggle up in the night :D At the moment he's sat on my bedroom window sill watching the birds in the garden. All in all I think we're going to get along just fine !
So so sweet. Completely at home. Looks like he is grateful for being rescued. You seem so happy. :D
You sound like a purrfect match! ( pun intended.)

He's lovely Sue, just the ticket! :)
Lucky Bertie- bet he is so pleased to be with you. I do miss my dog on my bed- sadly she doesn't make it upstairs anymore :cry:
Dad's stair gate isn't helping but maybe for the best as she flomped down in the middle and nearly rolled back down last time.
Absolutely lovely - I purr-tickularly like the photo where he is 'inscrutable' (They DO know the secrets of the universe, cat, but have no intention of telling us!!!).

And a cat's place is on the bed. End of. (Not end of the bed, end of any argument)! (My cat is on my bed as I type - with a nice warm hotwater bottle under his tummy. Purrfect.)
He is lovely - a match made in heaven and he has fallen on his little paws. I am sure he will give you lots of happiness as 8 years is relatively young for cats.

He looks very settled and if he is seeking you out at night you have bonded.
Ah ,handsome lad ,he looks a bit like Sooty ,only he hasn't got a white patch on his chest ,just a few white hairs .

Talking about happy endings for cats ,the black cat i took to the rehoming center in Jan has found a home on a small holding near Oswestry .
Third time lucky ,he was taken back twice.