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The Gerson Therapy

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Has anyone heard of the Gerson Therapy?

A doctor in USA says he can cure most cancers by diet and enemas.. Carrot juice and coffee enemas to be exact.

I was wondering if anyone had heard anything or knew anyone who had tried it


Ps. No milk an sugar in the coffee
Tilly - if it was that simple we wouldn't need Cancer Research, McMillan Nurses or billions of pounds being spent worldwide searching for a cure :ohmy:

Treatments for Cancer have come so far in the last 20 years that now so many of them can be drastically slowed down and, in many cases, cured completely. Hopefully it won't be many more years before we have it beaten completely and then con-artists like this "doctor" will be out of a job and unable to prey on vulnerable people.
Hi Susieq

I was a staff nurse for 12 years before I got metastatic breast cancer, so the logical side of me screams " con con!! ".

The desperate side of me screams " sounds good to me! "

tilly :(
So much depends on the stage of your personal journey. Once conventional medicine has offered everything, there is nothing to lose other than money. A positive mental attitude makes life more enjoyable after all. .

I have just emailed for more information. I will try anything...I draw the line at drinking goats blood and dancing naked during a full moon though!!...unless ....

Me, I enjoy a cup of coffee...but not that way... :blink:

Sorry, Tilly, but my own, personal opinion is that this is quackery of the worst kind, preying on the desperate. Seen this sort of thing a lot in the autism world. So many "cures", so many non-results - and so many people rich on the back of all that suffering.
I've never heard of the Gerson Therapy. I'd be inclined to think it a con as if it worked surely I would have heard of it.

That being said, who really knows what, if anything, might work? My own feeling is that a positive attitude can do much. My mother had cancer, had surgery, and here we are ten years down the track.
I guess that this is one of those situations that nobody can fully understand unless they are in the position themselves.

Personally I would rather use that money and spend it on enjoying as much of life as I'm capable of doing and hope that a miracle occurs. Religious belief aside, it is possible..it happens. It is an emotive subject but I wouldn't give people like these any of my precious time or money, I would rather keep it for living.
Hello Ladybird :)

It's nice to see you posting again :cheer: Hope you'll be able to visit us more often ?

I understand what you are all saying and , like I said , the logical side of me agrees . I am going to get as much information as I can an then take it from there.

Charles47.. You made me giggle so loud !!