Move or not -how to make a decision

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Thank you for the PM, will reply there (too).

For here, I agree with MRs A - no immediate rush, but at the same time,good to start exploring. Also agree with Saj re staying put for say a year to think things through.

May I (somewhat humourously!) recommend that you start watching the property programmes on the telly! The 'Escape to the Country 'and Place in the Sun are great - because you can see, in action, how people tell the presenter 'We want a house that has a.b.c.' they get shown those houses, and then the searchers say 'Oh, no, we don't want a we want c....or even, actually, x,y,z'......

So, people may think they know what they want, but sometimes they don't, until it becomes 'real'.

Also in that vein, why not start looking up on the Internet what you 'could' buy with what is likely to be your share of the house sale. That might get your brain starting to imagine yourself living there and so on. Yes, I know that's a bit risky as we can get 'carried away' (oh, to move to Ambridge and have a cosy cosy rural life with all those lovely Archers neighbours!)(etc etc) (I can vividly remember a programme once on telly about people who had moved from the city to the countryside, and one sad couple said they'd moved to a chocolate box Dorset village wanting the 'Ambridge' lifestyle, only to find that everyone else was very poshie, and looked down on them as they were Brummies......they had no friends and hated it.)

The Saj method of narrowing down and narrowing down your 'list' is excellent. It's taken me quite a while, but I now know, for myself, that the house I would buy is far less important to me than the garden! In the end, it's the garden I want, not the house. (But not a garden next to anything other than a totally deserted country lane - if that!)
Henrietta, I'm not in quite the same position as you, but in my case I have to and want to downsize. When my brother died in December I knew well that I would need to take my time. It's only now that I feel comfortable enough to start sorting through my old papers and books. My main immediate aim is to clear out a lot of stuff - my own stuff - old photos, books and everything before downsizing. My brother didn't have much that hadn't been cleared out, though I still have drawers of pens and things and a lot of gardening books he wanted kept - I have got gardening books, but the ones he wanted kept are other ones.
My biggest problem is going to be that I will probably have to clear out, put stuff in storage and rent before I sell. It will just be too much for me to move in 24 hours. I don't yet know how I am going to organize that, what with needing broadband for work and the cat really needing an outside space.
From my point of view, that would be what might make it a slow process.
Thank you Jenny and Greta
Jenny- I do watch the occasional property program- favourite being Homes under the hammer. I will try to watch some others :lol: . Unfortunately I don't have an army of mates and family who are chippies, brick layers and decoraters to help.
I can see myself even now placing equal importance on a,b,c to x,y,z :( For example I love old properties with period features and history, a project to get stuck into and cherish.The other half of me thinks - buy new- all clean, modern, no maintenance, guarentees . I guesss the house I'm in is somewhere in the middle - early twentieth century- not really historic but built to last. Every time I go away on holiday - I head out to Ambridge for that peaceful country life you describe and yet I can real off all the advantages of being a towny.
Then where the garden is concerned I am thinking- need a big garden for dog, always had a big garden, can't live without etc and then the sensible me is thinking weeds, toil, expensive gardeners or leave to turn into jungle.
Greta- I'm a bit like you in as much as all the "stuff" here is really mine- Dad has already really reduced his things to a few small drawers and a wardrobe. If I were ever to move I should also probably end up paying for storage somewhere .
Henrietta, you are being positive. You are looking ahead :D
You are also indulging in my favourite pastime - playing proprty porn :D :D

2 physical moving tips for anyone considering it
1. Pets go into kennels/cattery for at least 3-4 days either side of the move, so at least a week maybe 2. Yes it will cost but is small in comparison to overall, and can be budgeted for before you start looking even. Being away means they and you don't get too stressed, they don't get lost, or trodden in, or packed!! They then move in once you and furniture has been settled for a few days and it seems like home to them.

2. Removals firms offer packing service. Yes it costs but again build it in to the overall budget from the start. It's brilliant. All you need do is keep cleaning materials, tea coffee and kettle aside and they swoop in and do the rest. We use this service every time and just as well as one time MIL was seriously ill and hubby got the call from hospital just an hour before removers due. They were met by a tearful, alone me. They did everything that day and the next as hubby didn't reappear until after MIL died 36 hours later.
Also if anything gets broken or damaged its their fault and they pay/replace.

I'm known for being careful with money, but this is one service I would pay for every time.

Telecom's wise, it never goes to plan so buy some mobile broadband service to ensure continuity and have mobile topup power banks.

Hope these help, when the time comes
I echo Mrs A advice re the packing service. Cost me £200 and worth every penny, especially as it included all the packing material. The only thing I packed was my underwear. They even came with hanging rails for my clothes.

I too am a bit of a property porn addict. Have you considered looking at what you are likely to be able to afford and going to view a couple of properties? It certainly may give a reality check ....
Hi Mrs A and Anne

You haven't met my pooch - totally horizontal and chilled - we would both be having extreme SA if we parted company for so much as a day! Good point about packing , but if the need were ever to arise , I pity anyone have to pack my junk- I would need an army LOL.

I have been in a couple of show homes- small or expensive for what you get. Not looked at any in cheaper areas as haven't really narrowed down a location.
New homes do carry a premium. Benefit is you don't have to do a thing to them for years, but size does tend to be less than older properties.
Browsing for ideas is fun :D