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Motability Cars.

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Very interesting and thought provoking posts Millie. Thankfully Eun we didn't need any adaptations. It is perhaps worth pointing out to others that it is possible to get an extra grant from Motability which can cover a good percentage of the deposit. However they do investigate your finances with a fine tooth comb and want to know all the ins and outs of a duck's a*** to coin a phrase. Its fair enough I suppose but didn't suit our finances this time around. I am still hopeful (probably somewhat naively lol!) of winning the lotto in which case I too would splash out on a Volvo. Best car I've ever owned and the S60 I had last time fitted me like a glove. Have a great day one and all.
Eun - my husband has just bought his first electric wheelchair & wonders why he didn't do it earlier. He bought -

http://www.careco.co.uk/item-p-wc09054/ ... wwodqlMFtA

We find that it folds down very compactly. It is fractionally wider than his mobility scooter was but we have had a bracket fitted & it just fits into the car on the hoist we had for the scooter. When we first started looking we didn't realise you could get the elevating seats one & this has proved to be perfect for him as he is unable to stand unaided now as his MD deteriorates.

The motability scheme suits us. We paid around £400 on the last car to get the hoist fitted (no downpayment - Skoda Roomster automatic) but got just over that back at the end as the car was in good condition! We now have a second Skoda Roomster & love it - such a roomy car. We like the fact that all the insurance, servicing etc etc is taken care of & included. We are fortunate that we have never had an issue with the garages or cars we have had through Motability but do know of other people who don't like the scheme.
Now Gill uses a wheelchair and needs an automatic to drive, we have a Zafira 2.0 Diesel. We found it far more comfortable than a friend's Qashquai and in fact he's just switched to a Zafira for the same reason! More comfortable than our old Zafira, too.

I don't particularly like automatics - heavier on fuel - but it's a dream to drive, especially on the trip to Sheffield. Can't wait to get it down to Devon!

We found the extra for heated front seats...Gill really finds it helps if she's going to be in the car for any length of time, and I have to admit that the lowest setting gives my poor old back a bit of ease!
don't forget war disabled veterans use their war pensioners mobility supplement which is higher then DLA PIP this enables the vet like my mother to get a more expensive car or cash back....
We are likely to lose our van because our son has been in hospital for more than 28 days even though the only reason he will be in hospital is because they are trying to sort out a 24/7 care package so he can come home but the NHS and the Social work dept are arguing over who should pay for it. So if they take the van off us we will not be able to take Robert out for the day from the hospital for a change of scenery. Rachel House have offered to take him for a week to give us a break and again a change of scenery. How are we supposed to get him there without the van? Oh and I also lose the miserable pittance of carers allowance as "nurses are doing his care". Actually we are up at the hospital 8 hours every day and will be getting trained in his trachy care but no one seems to care about that.

Eun - is there any chance that the hospital would arrange an ambulance transfer to take Rob to Rachel House? When our son was in GOSH for over 11 months, they insisted we went home for a 'practice' night (how ridiculous, we'd been at home with him with a trachy for nearly a year before he was admitted!). They arranged the transport.
I know this is a old post but just came across it You have a right to buy the car after the lease is up meaning you've already pay 3yrs already this is what my mum is thinking of doing then she own the car without having to change it all the time

Eun wrote:Tony M our upfront fee for our current vehicle was £7,000 which was the same as our last one so £749 sounds pretty good to me! We have a very large Renault Master with a tailgate lift as it has to take son seated in his powered wheelchair and also my mobility scooter although we are thinking of buying a folding electric wheelchair for me (if we can find one that fits in the van)