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Off Topic - But Exciting and Terrifying news for me. - Carers UK Forum

Off Topic - But Exciting and Terrifying news for me.

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After over two years my Sister has agreed to bring my Niece and Nephew to visit me and Mum (Granny in this case) on Sunday.
On the condition I bribe them with pizza..

I'm terrified as I will be a stranger to them, How Mum will react to her Grandchildren.

Can someone help me, what is the cool toy to buy for 3-4 year olds?
Hi Stephen,
How exciting.

If you are feeling brave, you could always buy the pizza bases and have the toppings prepared ready for them to build their own pizzas.

Re presents, I don't know what's in vogue. You could always look on the Mumsnet website/ forum. You could ask your sister what their current interests are. E.g. Arts and crafts, garden/ sport stuff/ cars/ role play etc Some websites allow you to list by different criteria e.g most popular and toy shop assistants would be able to say what was selling best.

Hope all goes well. Little children are fun, entertaining but exhausting.

If you are not feeling brave, perhaps buy 2 small/medium pizzas, one of which is plain cheese and tomato and the other more adventurous. You don't want to find that pepperoni is too spicy for them for example. Some sort of cake for afterwards? Again not too exotic and ice cream or ice lollies inn the freezer could be good. Crisps? Perhaps some of those tiny yogurt pots and pack of chocolate biscuits.
If you want something for them to play with then sticker books or good old colouring books and crayons will while away some time.Hopefully your sister will bring a few toys to keep them busy.
Hope all goes well.
Good luck with the visit, Stephen. I was going to mention ice-cream and sticker books too. have some wet wipes handy too for the mess!

If you can pop to your local supermarket, they will have a good range of sticker books.

Most importantly enjoy,
Hope you all enjoy your visit!
I agree that creating their own pizza is the best way. Buy several small or medium bases then have a selection of toppings for them to add themselves
Jar of tomato pasta sauce for spreading as the base
Sweet corn
A few olives
Some herbs for sprinkling, perhaps some basil
Perhaps fresh tomato slices

It needn't cost a fortune as you need small amounts of everything except the cheese - you'll need lots of that
Cake and fresh grapes and/or melon for pudding.
You will be best Uncle ever

I wouldn't worry about presents, that can wait.
Some individual Mr. Kipling cakes, some crisps, some yoghurt, maybe sausage rolls. Tesco do about 40 for £1 frozen, take them home and cook them in the oven. Scrumptious.


Thanks, as always for the support you guys give.
My Sister has already told me what Pizza to order, a medium pepperoni with extra garlic bread and potato wedges..

Apparently my Nephew loves pepperoni pizza, while my Niece loves potato wedges..

My main concerns are about how they will react to me, more importantly how Mum will react to them.

My Sister stopped bringing them to visit while they were still crawling after Mum shouted at my Niece for throwing things of the table (Which I've always thought was a bit harsh by my Sister). But Mum knows best..

I just want this to go well as they are my only family other than Mum.
If you get the chance, please let us know how the visit went. I'm sure others would like to know. xx