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Miniature orchid pot

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Hi, I was given a miniature orchid at the end of term and it's currently in flower. However, it will need repotting when it finishes fliers get and is resting as it isn't really in a proper pot, it's more of a plug enclosed in sturdy cellophane and stuck in a miniature decorative pot. Orchids do best in clear pots with lots of drainage holes and when being transplanted need the next size up. Well the plug is only 2 inches diameter across the top - just over 5cm, so a 6 or7 cm pot is needed. I'm struggling to find a new pot this size, unless I buy in bulk. Any suggestions/ideas?

I've got a 15cm one you can have !

In the past though I've found small clear plastic pots in the £1 shop ! They're meant for food storage and usually come in a pack of 3 or 4. They don't have drainage holes but I found it relatively easy to make a few holes using a heated skewer :)
Hi Susie,
Yes I was beginning to think along the lines of having to make one myself ... i've got bigger pots, so hang on to your 15cm one, but thank you. Seems sellers only want to sell in bulk or won't dispatch small orders.

My bigger orchid will need repotting once it has flowered too, I have a pot ready. It has 19 deep pink flowers on it and looks amazing,

I'm a bit hit and miss with orchids ! Some I've had have gone on producing new flowers year after year and others haven't lasted 6 months :roll: The only place I have that is OK for them is my kitchen windowsill - trouble is though that Bertie likes to watch the world go by from that spot so they often end up being pushed into the sink :roll: :roll:
Well how dare you put plants on HIS windowsill! :roll: Mine like the kitchen windowsill too, but I tend to put them somewhere less bright when they are resting and then move them back when they show signs of life. The miniature one is by my bedroom window and seems fine there. I think I get on well with them as they thrive on neglect. The one with 19 flowers is truly pot bound, I've repotted one before, so hope it survives.

You could perhaps try repurposing a small veg or fruit container. I'm thinking of those that have small portions of grapes or melon in 'meal deals'. You could make extra holes with a hole punch
Or coleslaw. I'm sure there's something lurking in a supermarket aisle somewhere
Take a look in the dessert section of your supermarket. I have seen clear plastic pots with individual trifles or creme caramels and they would be perfect. You can also have a treat yourself!

My OH has our orchids off to a fine art now. Once a week we soak them in a sink of water for about an hour and that’s it. They all flourish as our house is very light and sunny.
Morning Melly

I was in my local garden centre yesterday and saw that they sell individual clear orchid pots - the smallest size they have is 9 cm at £1 each.
Hi all,
Thank you for your helpful replies. A 9cm pot would drown it, so it's going to have to be an adapted pot from the cupboard or a pudding pot from the supermarket. I have time to sort it out as it's currently flowering and its best to wait until it's resting.

We have the sun at the back in the morning and the front the evening. The orchids seem happy to be on a windowsill when in bloom and away from a window when resting. I just water them when the roots look dry, holding it under the tap, ensuring the leaves stay dry, wait for the water to run out the bottom of the pot and then place it back in the saucer. I water less often when they are resting.