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Message In A Bottle

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A woman was walking along the beach and found a bottle with a message in it. There was also some sand and 2 one dollar bills. Once she got it open and read the notes she found that it was NOT sand and in fact the ashes of a 70 year old man named Gordon. The note is written by Gordons wife saying that he loved to travel so she sent him travelling with a note and a couple of dollar bills so that whoever found him could call home and tell the wife where he had landed. The woman called the wife and explained where Gordon had been found, added that desination to the note, put a further dollar bill in the bottle, sealed it and returned him to the sea for more travels.

I like this Image
Aw that is a lovely idea. Something for me to think about. I am scared of going anywhere so maybe when the day comes ny ashes could go travelling if I dont get this mastered.

Lets hope that everyone doesn't do this, it would ruin my seaside swim Image Image
The book I am reading at the moment, started it yesterday is "Message in a Bottle," by Nicholas Sparks.
What a lovely idea! x
Reminds me of when my kids were small and we were always putting messages in bottles. We threw one in off the Norfolk coast and a few days later had a reply!

It was from a lighthouse keeper from Cornwall and in my excitement I didn't stop to think that it got all the way to Cornwall so quickly or indeed that it wouldn't have gone down and right around the coast but straight across the North Sea. Image

Turns out he was on holiday in Norfolk and it had come back on the tide a few days later. Image Image