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Memory walk Newcastle - Alzheimers - Carers UK Forum

Memory walk Newcastle - Alzheimers

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My family and I took part in this today. Hubby had been asked to cut the ribbon to start the walk.
Thats our youngest daughter with him.
Lovely pics Rosemary, well done to you all Image
Lovely pics, where were they taken Image

It`s a while since I was up that way.

Well done to all of you, great pics xx
Well done all of you.

well done. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.xx
Thats brilliant, well done and great photos Image RRB
lovely photos Image Image
The walk took place at Saltwell park, Gateshead. About 6-7 miles from us.

This is local paper tonight. I was not keen on heading they use. Sean is not a sufferer. Alz Soc sent the release out and their heading had been.... " Scaffolder Sean scales to new heights with local memory walk". That sounds more positive rather than negative.

http://www.shieldsgazette.com/news/suff ... -1-4980992

I am waiting till after xmas but thinking of doing a local event next year. Would be jointly for Alz and Carers. Family have already discussed a walking route, but the younger ones want to carry on after the finish with a fancy dress pub crawl.
Ideas already running through my head to get local community and businesses involved Image
Hi Rosemary, bet you didnt expect to see me on here. Rare evening at home and this is displacement activity because the kitchen floor (and lots of other things) need cleaning. Love the photos. You must be really proud of them all Image

Know what you mean about the use of the word "sufferer". Our local paper used to use the word "needy" which was kind of patronising i thought.

Guess i better tackle that cleaning now!