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Me and mum, long dead! - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Me and mum, long dead!

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Hi Sajehar,

good to hear from you.

Only one photo in your last post - though I think you meant to post two pics; a before and an after?

That is so annoying. I think (but don't know) I have to seriously shrink my 2nd photo? I'll give it a second go before shrinking it... here goes it...

Nope; I'll have to shrink it.
I think I've shunk it enough


Fabulous transformation, Sajehar! Beautiful. You have done your Mum proud.

Wow that looks great ! Must have been a lot of hard work :D
of all the people to fall ill it was my 'well' bro to do so. Not me (a chronic/acute smoker, nor my 'ill' bro with empasymeia, nor my 86 year old ad with myriad health problems.) That's why I haven't been on here for a while. He spent 4 days in IC, 3 days on the normal ward before being released. We had the, "We;ll try our best, but expect the worst," speech. Fortunately he pulled through.It was a hellish, scary time.
But, a few weeks later, I knew he was getting better when he started whinging (PRAISE BE WHINGING as only wellish people whinge!)
Sounds an odd thing to say, but true!!!
He whinged I was fussing too much, etc, etc. Unit he rang me from a long walk... to pick him up??? Which I did. I GENTLY remained him of the heart hospital's saying, "Use it or lose it, but DON'T OVERDO IT!"
Yeh, Yeh, Yeh," was his response, but I knew I was getting somewhere.... god know's where!

Since then, I've tried to incorporate him into my mass pruning program (don't ask!)

But it involves involving my 'ill/well' bro which - incidentally I need - too much for one person - and we've got so much done, even I'm shocked.
The end result is we're both proud of ourselves... we did an awful lot of pruning that needed doing.

We ended up congratulating ourselves, which #i think is a bloody good result#!