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Time for fun - Carers UK Forum

Time for fun

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
I have had a mini disco tonight in my living room. Music always makes me happy.

Have you managed to have a bit of me time that's just for you..

If so, what is it?
What did you have as your playlist?I made a fab party playlist on Spotify ages ago

I have been grateful for the lovely April weather we've been having and have tried to spend some time in the garden.
I had a bit of fun tonight.

I had to go to Tesco to collect my wife's prescription.

I didn't notice the time but it was just about dead on 8 o'clock when I left.

As I pulled out of the drive, I could see lots of people getting ready to clap.

Once I cleared my immediate neighbours, I just waved at everyone who was clapping as I drove past. I tried not to make it look too Royal. :lol:

I think the last time I can remember being applauded was 1968 - I put two goals past the keeper in the top team in a 5-a-side league in quick succession - we won 3-2.

Hi there..not heard from you for a while. Hope all good for you.

It has been great to sit in the garden I agree.

I love 80s music, soft rock, aor...

Bon Jovi, Steve Perry, journey, foreigner, Europe, meat loaf..Robbie Valentine, and so much more..what are your favourites?

My son asks ME to turn my music down lol

Ajay..lol that's funny I bet you enjoyed that..the clapping in the street I mean!

Ah..you used to play football. I bet you enjoyed that.
Its sounds like it was a good win!
Hi Cloudygal,

mmm - me time not happening at the moment. However, S and I watched Peter Kay musical shuffle last night that we both found was relaxing and quite funny.

I watched the birds in the garden whilst I washed up the lunch things today, too.

Ayjay that's hilarious, but they were well deserved after all, like it or not, you are your wife's key carer!

Undermyduvet, glad you have been enjoying the sunshine.

Today we played poker this afternoon and I spoke with a horse trainer. Last night I tuned into my favorite radio station and participated in a relaxing virtual Bible study lesson as well. I am also going on a spiritual retreat post lockdown.
Cloudygal wrote:
Sat May 02, 2020 2:23 pm

Ah..you used to play football. I bet you enjoyed that.
Only very amateur football, and only till I was about 18, my knees don't thank me for it now, 5-a-side is much more fast and furious than 11-a-side, and we played on a hard surface too, not grass, but yes, we had a laugh, and a bit of exercise, and a few pints afterwards.

That's good you got to watch musical on TV with S.

You are doing well with so few breaks.

My trampoline sessions are only about fifteen minutes in all after that I get too tired to continue lol..and there's always something that needs doing!
Hi Cloudygal..I like your user name:)Is a little bit enigmatic..
I posted an update on my situation a month or two back.Am not sure if you saw it.I left the home in the end.

My Spotify list has everything from Beck to Beyonce to Paolo Nutini.Somebody needs to hire me for a party when this outbreak is over:)

Did you add some Bruce Springsteen to your playlist?I do like Springsteen

Melly,I always like reading your posts.You always make sensible comments.Thank you to everyone on here who has made me feel welcome.

Thank you re my username. Your username is pretty cool. One friend has in the past called me complex.

You have good musical taste .

Yes, I saw you had moved. That was good. Hope things are continuing to be better for you now.

I have just eaten a whole box of quality street and am immediately regretting it. I love chocolate until I have eaten too much, then I hate it!