M got a silver medal!

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I mentioned a while back that M had been selected to play for the Special Olympics Ulster Basketball team at the Special Olympics Ireland Games in Dublin last month. Well, there were three men's teams from Ulster and one ladies' team. The men's teams won a gold, silver and bronze each - M was with the team that won silver - and the ladies won gold. It probably helped the ladies that half their team was from the one club - the one that M belongs to.

Selection for the Ireland team to play in the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi next year were made from the gold medal winners in the Ireland Games and one of the ladies from our club was selected. We're all really proud of her.

That's fantastic.

Congrats to M ...

and you too of course for behind every great athlete is a great Mum!

Thank you Melly. D and I went down for the day on the Saturday to watch them. There was a terrific atmosphere. Unfortunately we missed the Opening and Closing Ceremonies but there was plenty of video taken of them and it looks like both were good to be at. The people who were there from our club are to be treated to a reception by the local mayor, which is good because they get very little recognition.

Hope S is doing well and still enjoying his sport.

Gilli, it's a shame Special Olympics doesn't get the recognition in the UK that it does in the US. Good to hear the Mayor is involved.

S won a gold medal in the Regional Competition for 50m which he was very proud of. Next month our team hold their Athletics competition for the area and he is competing in the running. I'm glad he is going to competitions again, it's good for his confidence.

That's great news about S, Melly! I'm so glad he's participating again. Winning that gold medal must have done wonders for his self-esteem.

The only thing to worry about the mayor's reception now is whether M will be allowed out of work in good time to go. There was a reception in Belfast for all the athletes and coaches before they went to the Games, but M was late getting out of work and then the train he needed to get was delayed and everything was pretty much over by the time he got to the venue.

Could he take a half day annual leave?