Re: Monkeys in more ways than one!

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
My weekend so far.
Shame grandadMark can't see, but was talked about loads by grandson yesterday.
Lovely pics nananana Image
Looks like you had a great time Image
Hey Gran nice Pic's thought you said you'd gone Purple Image Image Image Image
All I can see is a light fur coat and a light brown fuzzie top DoImage Wait for it
incoming ow that hurt Image Image Take care all Image
I had a slight accident with the marmelade pot actually, Rog... so there.
lovely photos NanaNana - thanks for sharing Image
I am so jealous your soooo slim! Image
Gorgeous pics! Image Image
Nilla - actually, my middle is expanding, due to my newly acquired status. It's the lack of so much physical activity nowadays, my entire body seems to be settling around my middle.
I walk, I dance, I still do the 1/3 acre gardening, I still lug logs about, but am getting bigger. Don't like it. May 'look' slim, but I know my middle has a bit hanging over my jeans and don't like it, it's not 'me'.
Only just seen these photos Nananana...such precious moments.....and you most definitely are haven't seen a muffin top until you look at some of my photos before I decided to take on the menopause last year!

Thank you for sharing them.

ell x