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Looking for votes - Carers UK Forum

Looking for votes

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A book i co authored is in the finals of a national competition.
The only people that matter in this competition are YOU the public.
There is no panel of judges, the award is from The Peoples Book organisation and that sums it all up.
The winner is decided only by the public.
So please follow the links consider voting, you will need to register, that takes a couple of minutes that’s all. Just need an E mail address and the password is sent to you and you can opt out of newsletters.
There are also sample chapters for you to read.
Not asking you to vote blind
We are about halfway down the page.
Title is The Psychic Biker meets The Extreme Ghost Hunter

http://www.peoplesbookprize.com/finalis ... alists_739
Thanks to all who have voted and those that sent me PM.
Afraid i have been laid low by a stomach bug,really wiped me out. Image
Spent yesterday jusy dozing in the chair inbetween caring duties,they never stop
Again thanks
Hope you're feeling better soon.
Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the competition Image
Thanks all,it seems to be going well.
Would love to be at the awards night but £165 a ticket plus travel and hotels Image
However if we win we have a friend of ours Alison Wynne Ryder of tv show The Rescue Mediums who is there and she will collect.
With gritted teeth mind as we are up against her book Image
Everything crossed for you mate. Image
Image thanks
If you have not voted all voting closes at 10 am tomorrow. Image
Regardless of the subject matter a vote helps shows that two ordinary local lads can both write a book and get it published plus compete with the big boys.
In my case, one part of the two all while being a carer.
In short it shows what can be done by us who at times are the hidden people. Image
Thanks for reading; I shall let you know the result. Image
Thanks to all that voted but sadly we did not win Image
Real shame,awaiting info on who did
Image Image