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Personal budgets / Direct payment s

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Hi I am looking for information about personal budgets or direct payments.
We have been in receipt of a direct payments or personal budget for over ten years, however in the last nine years I have noticed that the budget never increased with inflation in all the years we have had a budget from the council.
Which has equalled a reduction in the carers pay over the last nine years as their hourly rate has never been increased although the cost of living has increased year on year. We were however given an increase to the sleep in allowance which changed to NMW in 2016 which has managed to satisfy my staff for the time being.
I was wondering if other councils are automatically adding an increase to personal budgets /direct payments year on year.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Post code lottery.

Most LAs have frozen the level of DPs , they are under no obligation to increase even if the carees needs have increased.

Same for most support services ... now a thing of the past for most carees / family carers ... unless they have the ability to pay for outside support.

In fact , many cases recorded of DPs being cut with family carers left to pick up the pieces.

I don't see the connection with " Carers' pay " ... family carers aren't paid ... unless it refers to paid care workers ... ?

The SLEEPOVER judgement did them no favours whatsoever :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... %20paymets

SCOPE ... online community ... mainly for our carees ... a few postings of a similar nature over the past few years.
Hi Chris
Sorry for the confusion but I do employ carers via the personal budgets, that's what I am trying to find out.
Every year I have asked for an increase in the budget inorder to give my carers an increase in their hourly pay however it was always no money in the budget due to the recession then it changed to its down to the government to organise a pay increase for carers employed via personal budgets. I contacted the disability minister and was told that any increase to employed carers via the personal budget is down to the local council.
However as my local council keeps saying that there is no increase for personal budgets to provide an increase to employees wages and now I am being quoted that there is no legal right to a pay rise. It just appears to me that my carers wages will be eroded until they are on the NMW.
Which doesn't bode well for employing carers via personal budgets or direct payments
Yep ... a nationwide problem ... even before DPs entered the equation just under a decade ago.

Either cough up for the same level of care or face a cutback.

All paid care workers are subject to the minimum wage.

When that goes up , so does the cost of employing them ... sleepovers now excluded ... unless a challenge to that Ruling is mounted.

What happens when social care is based on the ability to pay.

" To eat , heat , pay the rent or ... buy in support services ? "

A choice for 14 million + of our fellow citizens ... increasing by the day.