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Hi everyone I'm a carer for my wife who can not walk at all she wants to go to the sunshine festival at upton on Severn all other concerts and venues carers go free I've tryed every think I can think of to find out if this festival is free for carers but there's no phone number and iv email them and messeged them for days I need to get her ticket a.s.a.p the tickets are 70 pound does any one now if these festivals are free to carers
Hi Stephen.

An Intenet search ... UK Free Festivals For Carers ... throws up numerous results.

Sunshine festival ?


No discounts for carers as far as I could see.
Thanks for your efforts
Your welcome.
I can't comment on the festivals (except to say I'd pay hundreds of pounds NOT to have to go!!!!)(Glasto is my idea of hell on earth), but I can say that at some places, if you are pushing a wheelchair YOU get in free.

This was definitely so when I took my MIL to Rosemoor (peaceful RHS gardens! Million miles away from rock concerts!)