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Hi everyone, hoping you are all keeping well and staying safe, and returning to some kind of normality whatever that is,
Sorry I have not been on here for some time ,as i have been very busy with my husband David, as he has Vascular Dementia, he was diagnosed in October 2016,
David was having a lot of falls, which resulted with him going into hospital but on the last fall when he was taken into hospital, the OT and Physio came to see him and were chatting with him and they asked him if he would like to go into respite care for a while, David agreed to this and he said it would give me a break, not that I needed a break, as thankfully I am healthy and can look after him, but I know my limitations, and there are certain things I cant do for him which requires 2 people to assist,
So it was ok by me to let David go into respite care, he has been in Walsham Grange care home for nearly 10 months now, but according to Social Services he is only there on a temporary basis, which will be reviewed again in October. and he is getting the highest level of care there, both during the day and throughout the night, and I feel if he was to come home, that level of care would drop enormously, And David is really settled there, but if he were to come home then that may put his progress back , and that would be a shame because he is getting very well there, Don't get me wrong it's not that I don't want him to come home, but I have to think of David, and how it would affect his mental well being, and a totally different environment, tho he has never once mentioned that he wants to come home, so that is the reason why I have not been on the group for some time, you all stay safe and look after yourselves,,
Hi Maggie,
I doubt very much that there is any real consideration of him coming home, just that Social Services have an odd way of working.
You are also a year older, as well as David, and deserve a quiet retirement after all you've been through.