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Can dress so can't get help - Carers UK Forum

Can dress so can't get help

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
I can dress myself some days if need to go out so do not qualify for help
What about the days you have trouble dressing Tracie, did you tell them the worst case sinario?
Yes I did tell them yet again say am coping
And are you coping? How are things for you now?
No not coping
Am I missing something? What has the ability to dress oneself to do with the need for help? My son has severe learning difficulties, brain damage has left him unable to read or write or do any maths, but he gets masses of help. He can dress and wash himself. Surely it is the ability to live a normal life which is the key to help or not? A local authority is supposed to publicise the criteria under which it will, or will not, provide help. Do you know what your LA criteria is?
Not sure Hun

On council website does not say anything bout dressing but when rang said can dress and don't need help mh team said same can dress so am coping
OK tracie, so can you maybe tell us a bit more about the things that you are finding especially difficult? Are you eating proper food? Do you get out of the house , even just for a walk in the park? Tell us a bit more about your daily routine, pls?
Struggling mentally and physically


Borderline personality disorder
Self harm
Suicidal thoughts
Hearing things and seeing things

Epilepsy but controlled
Restless legs
Myoclonic jerks when sleeping
Pain due to fibromyalgia all over
Tiredness all time due to ME
Problems sleeping

Routine of my day
Get up
Sort both of our meds out
Supervise hubby in bath or shower
Help him get dressed
Give him his meds
Have a shower if I can manage it
Wash hair but struggle
Try and dress myself if can't I can't it can take 45 mins to dress
Tidy round as best I can
Go out if need too
Go on my wii
Sort tea out
Sort meds out
Have tea
Have a bath
Chill out
Bed around nine or ten
I do have me time everyday

Due to illness I am pacing myself and resting when need above is usual routine but now hardly showering getting dressed hardly eating just feel really poorly
In so much pain and feel so ill