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Localities hidden.

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I have only been on here a week but having had a good look around I am surprised that the bulk on here are hiding whereabouts they are located, even on the Ambassadors page, why? Surely there is no stigma attached to the part of the UK that you live in? Is it anything to do with a natural inbuilt shyness and secrecy along with thoughts that someone is being nosy and wants to know all about you? Whether this posting will meet with silence I do not know but surely if we could start a debate, could a few people get to know each other? Oh by the way I almost forgot to mention that I live in Norfolk.
Hi Les,

I keep my location hidden for the same reason that I use a "pen name" and S's initial. I do it to protect the identity of my caree, some of the things us carers talk about are sensitive in nature.

Yup, I go with Melly on this - that's exactly my thinking.

Online, even in 'proper' websites like this, is NOT 100% safe - and remember that this forum is viewable by complete 'strangers' - they can't post, but they can read. Sadly, we can't assume that all strangers are nice people...stranger danger applies on the Internet alas!
Like the others have said Les, most people 'hide' information to maintain confidentiality. The majority of the boards are open to public viewing with the exception of those marked "PRIVATE" like Members Corner and Carer's Health Issues which are only viewable by forum members.

Carers UK forum does advise people not use their real names and to be wary of discussing private sensitive matters in 'open' areas.

However, despite that, quite a few members have got to know each in the 'real' world :)
Sounds silly maybe but having had 29 years as a Carer I am now a Carers UK ambassador for Norfolk but I never thought of it like that as I wasn't thinking of detailed information but simply what county or area. Thanks for the replies.
Les,I was flattered that you thought it was a choice,and I even knew how to do any of that stuff!
In fact...I've had a go.If it works.
John, I admire that! Who else would come from the Peoples Republic of Stoke on Trent? I always think of it as "Pulis country"
We have had threads asking people what county they lived in, and like always it was personal choice whether any member replied or not.

Via this forum I have made many friends, some prefer it to remain just online, others we have become even closer, and some even met them. From an island in the Outer Hebrides, to a carer living in Alaska, they come far and wide :shock: :)
I prefer not to have my location by my name, however in context, like weather forecasts, I say roughly where I live, and I share my real name and location in private messages. However, I've had my name, address, phone number and email regularly printed in magazines like Commercial Motor for the last 20 years, with only one idiot ringing me inappropriately, promptly dealt with.
Les Eve wrote:John, I admire that! Who else would come from the Peoples Republic of Stoke on Trent? I always think of it as "Pulis country"
To my shame,I'm going to have to Google that...oh I remember; he was the Stoke manager,I think? I was entertaining a friend years ago by making up one of the local footie 'headlines' and said "Groin strain setback for Pulis",only to be told that he didn't actually play.I bet a groin strain would still be a problem in everyday life..
I was going to say that "Localities hidden" might be overstating it; I certainly don't recall going through a process to chose a username,avatar,etc.They are things you have to opt into,aren't they?
p.s.In 1997,of the 60 local council seats in Stoke,no fewer than 60 were held by Labour!