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Little things that annoy you....... - Carers UK Forum

Little things that annoy you.......

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Cold callers at the door..... grrrrrrrrr :(
People who ring up when I'm peeling spuds for tea, to ask about the car accident someone in the household had, only as far as I know, none of us has hsd an accident!
Oh i know what you mean...... why do we get these calls ?
No idea. Because mum is so poorly, I'm not letting the answerphone take calls if I'm home, just in case. I just get annoyed at being interrupted for no good reason.
Im in total agreement.. time is precious enough to have it interrupted.
Im sure there many examples of those little things that annoy us so much
People being indirect - so instead of saying "I can't do that" you get an endless story of a million little things, all of which basically mean "I'm saying no", but take much longer.

People giving me advice instead of giving me a hand.

People not accepting what I tell them about my son's disability as being accurate.

People who haven't phoned, visited or returned my calls for three years bumping into me in the supermarket, shrieking, throwing their arms around me and saying "Oh we really miss you".

Endless noise from neighbours on the estate that we live on.

Someone complaining bitterly about being exhausted because they've had to do a twelve hour shift - when I'm 12 hours in to the 16 - 20 hours I do every day.

People asking me when I'm going to get a job :)

Quite a long list. I am quite obviously an anti-social old bat who needs to go and live in a cave :)
Cold callers! :mad: :angry:
Especially the ones who claim to be from Microsoft/Windows and their calling about my computer. Their just phishing to get into your bank details to strip it!!! :mad: :angry:
Endless cold call phone calls.
Well im glad its not just me that has an issue with cold callers.......
Mum who csres, I think you'll find me in an adjacent cave!